Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Fastest Gherkin in the West

We took Blake and Allie out to dinner tonight and then stopped by Target to pick up some baby fingernail clippers. Around our house Dad is the only one that clips the nails and Ash's were getting pretty long. Great for ripping off Dad and Blake's face, but bad when Gherkins get the sleepy eyes and start rubbing them. Anyhow something as simple as going out to dinner and then a routine errand like Target was just so enjoyable for us. We have found that our cell phones don't get reception in West Omaha which is the only area of Omaha we are familiar with. When we finally started heading back towards the hospital (downtown Omaha) and picked up reception we saw that we each had voice mail on both phones. This got our hearts pumping as we were trying to retrieve the messages. It turns out that Ash has spiked a temperature and was feeling yucky. We got back and found that she does indeed have a pretty high temp, but I am not overly concerned. Editorial: This immunosuppresion stuff really stinks! I was however concerned with her respiration and heart rate. She was breathing about 90 times a minute and her heart rate was in the 170s. These were way to high and the last thing we want to do is have her go back on the vent. I started clipping her nails and after a few she opened her eyes to see what I was up to. Trish gave her a wet wash cloth and well you have never seen a Gherkin grab something so fast. She was like a bolt of Gherkin Lighting. Not even Larry Boy could keep up with our little pickle. Our theory is that she is a little dehydrated and thus this was part of the problem. Well now that we or I woke her up we might as well play with her right? So as we start playing with her her heart rate and respiration begins to improve. Everyone knows with activity that these numbers are supposed to go up, but not with Ash. We have learned that nothing is ever normal with Ash. She calls the shots. We have a new nurse tonight who has not had Ash before and she told us yeah, I heard she does this. No wonder nobody can figure this girl out, she does everything her own way. I am already starting to pray for the man that will marry her one day. Poor guy. As if women aren't already hard enough to figure out. Now I am off track, forgot what I was talking about.
I am thanking God for a good day for Ash. Thanking Him for her coming off the vent today. Praising Him for allowing me to hold my little Gherkin today. Thanking Him for giving us all time together. Thanking Him for each one of you who are such an inspiration to each one of us.


At 11:28 PM , Anonymous dava mccasland said...

Hey guys! I was waiting on Gregg to get home from work and I prayed a quick prayer that I would read something good about Ashley today. I smiled as I read in your journal what's been going on. We're not gonna worry about the fever or heart rate - that is nothing for your little Ash. I'm so thankful y'all are FINALLY all together and Trish, you are getting to spend some much needed time with your Blake & Allie. They are so strong. Won't they have a story to tell their children? WOW! Wishing you a peaceful and good night. Praying here in Longview. Love y'all.

At 3:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a first-time poster on your blog but have been keeping up with Ashley's Story for several weeks now. Before they start Ashley's feeds again, I'm wondering if her medical team have considered that she might be allergic to them. It seems as though her troubles restart repeatedly as they increase her feeds past a certain point. Just wondering and wanted to pass along the thought--hope it is helpful.

You both are doing a great job of telling Ashley's Story and how God is at work in her life as well as yours, both individually and as a family. NOTHING is bigger than God and His love for us, and He is good all the time whether we understand it at the moment or not.

May He grant you peace and strength for the rest of the journey as we continue in prayer.


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