Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Snowing in El Paso

I don't have any real news about Ash this morning. She has been asleep all day so I have not even seen her eyes yet. The heart rate, respiration and fever thing are all about the same today. We will post more after rounds.
While getting ready to go to the hospital this morning in the apartment I could hear Blake in the other room just disgusted. He was watching the weather on the news and they were reporting snow in El Paso. What is going on? I don't believe in the theory of global warming, but rather OMAHA WARMING. This is just crazy!! They tell us they never get to the end of the year without snow. They tell us there are many years when it snows in October and the snow remains on the ground all the way through the new year. Well due to OMAHA WARMING those days are gone. We were in the car on the way to the hospital this morning and it began to rain Blake said, "now we have the moisture and not the cold." Last week we had the cold but no moisture. UUUUGGGGGHHH!!! I told him Omaha was broken this year. He said "yeah, the dogs are all running away, the bridges are collapsing what is this place coming to???" I see the team assembling down the hall so we will post after rounds.


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