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Feeling Pretty

Ashley woke up this afternoon from a very long nap and we decided to sit her up and try and get her to play. She cooperated to the best of her ability. When you are running a fever off and on every couple of hours you just feel yucky, but she tried. She finally dug into her Christmas stocking and found her stash of Tic Tacs (this is one of her favorite things to play with). She sat up and shook them with all the energy her tired little body could muster. She then found a new pink (imagine that!) brush and comb set. She proceeded to drop her Tic Tacs ( I'm afraid all I could find was orange ones) and start brushing her own hair with the back side of the brush. After she made herself feel pretty, I placed a very large adorable bow on her head and she once again began to feel like her old self. All it takes is a little hair brushing and hair bow to make a gherkin feel like a girl again! There is no doubt in my mind she is destined to become a PRINCESS. In addition to fixing her hair she received a much deserved foot massage (she is so spoiled!) and a clean pair of pink p.j.s. She is now on her way to taking another nap.

Dave and the kids have been out all afternoon doing a little "Geo Cashing". I think that is what it is called. I really won him over this year with the birthday gift I chose for him. I had no idea I would make him so happy. Dave loves to go mountain climbing. Trust me, he is not a professional just a hobbiest, and I make sure he checks up on the insurance policies before he adventures out on his treks. This year I was walking through the store and came across a little device that allows you to pull up mountain trails and all kinds of other junk. I thought to myself he might actually like something like this and maybe he might manage not to get lost on his next adventure. Guess what? He loves it, and he thinks I'm a really great wife now! ( as if mothering his 3 children wasn't enough to convince him of that) Anyway, he and the kids now have a new hobby of using this little device to run around town looking for "treasures" that other men(no doubt) have hidden in towns and cities all over the place. They are having a great time together and that is what I love about it. Today they came back with a very dirty deck of cards and a bracelet. Yeah for them! They went 2 for 2 today. They left behind a pair of glasses made from a slinky and a tic tac toe board. This is great stuff if you are an 11year old or an 8 year old or a giant kid trapped in a 33year old's body.

Tonight is Allie's night to choose where we eat dinner. Since there is no Pappacita's she has chosen a place called ROMEOS. I am feeling a little nervous about this choice because their slogan is "NACHO TYPICAL RESTAURANT". This is announced on very large bill boards all over town by a giant, hairy, jalepeno wearing a sombrero! They serve a combination of mexican food and pizza. Sounds like a really classy place. Oh, well we will go anywhere just to have a Taco. It's really tough being a Texan stuck in Nebraska. There is a short supply of tacos around here!

Just let me say thanks again for coming back to Ashley's Story today. Your presence on this website is so appreciated. How I look forward to meeting all of you someday. Your prayers are precious to us and they are making a difference not only in the life of a "baby pickle", but also in the lives of her family. We love you and pray His blessings on you all. Trish


At 7:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter how sick a girl feels, dressing up and fixing our hair helps us feel better. Maybe God put that in us. Who knows? But I'm sure glad it made Ashley feel better. May the Lord bless your night's rest!

At 8:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave is an awesome mountaineer. I would go with him anytime with or without his GPS as long as he sticks with the shortcuts.

Glad the gherkin is feeling better. We will keep praying for a continued recovery for her and strength and energy for your family.

At 9:18 AM , Blogger Renee said...

Praise God Ashley is able to be up and make herself pretty!! Awww...that is so sweet! Continued prayers as always..I may not post everyday but i do stop in and check several times a day and pray pray pray for ALL of you, including all the other little children that are sick.
I hope that your Mexican Taco adventure proves to be what you have come to expect in Texas!! lol. May you all have a very blessed day and a VERY Blessed & Happy New Year!


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