Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Daddy's Hands

Shes there. I am here and she is left in the care of her daddy's hands. I can't help but miss her terribly, but I know she is safe as long she is with him. After all he is her favorite person in the whole world and next to him its her big brother Blake. Just being in the same room with them causes her to smile. They love her so very much and they tend to cater to every whine and whimper. I trust those hands.

Allie and I have slipped away to meet our family's newest addition. Its a girls weekend. We arrived just a few minutes ago and can't wait until morning so we can love on that new baby. Tomorrow we are celebrating the birth of my brother and sister in laws new baby girl Katelyn. We will be surrounded by friends and family(most of which we have not seen in the two years since our Ashley has been born). How I wish we could have brought our sweet girl with us but not just yet. Its not time. I just keep believing there will come a day when she can be surrounded by those who have loved her from afar. I am so happy to be here, but at the same time I feel so empty without those puffy cheeks to kiss on.

Ash is feeling really good. Her count has rebounded beautifully and she is feeling strong. She is full of laughter and play. She and I played for most of last night while daddy slept. I really didn't mind knowing that I would be away from her this weekend. I just tried to soak her up. That grin and the way she cuts those eyes just steals my heart every time. I must have told her I loved her a thousand times.

Good news out of Omaha today. We were allowed to take one of Ash's meds away. Yeah! Just one step closer to living that "normal" post transplant life. Thursday we will give Ash her last round of chemotherapy. Three weeks after that we will travel and hope to get the all clear sign from her scans. Were so close and I just pray the tumors are all gone. She just looks so good to me and there are days that its hard for me to remember what is going on inside of her body. No matter what news we are given I am sure it will be according to His plan and it will all work accordingly. I'm trying to prepare myself for the next steps.

Just wanted to say thank you for checking on our baby gherkin, and say thank you for your prayers. I can hear the joy and thanksgiving in your posts and it encourages me so very much. You will NEVER know how much your support has meant to us. Your presence is appreciated. Goodnight and God bless. Trish


At 12:22 AM , Anonymous Marion & Regina D said...

Trish & David,

You have so many blessing and God has provided so much for your sweet family. I am very excited that Ashley is feeling happy and playful. Please know that Marion and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. There is nothing in this world closer to a parent's heart than those beautiful children that God has blessed us with. Hug them, love them, and tattoo each memory in your heart. We are trusting God to heal Ashley and bring you TONS of good news from Omaha ... oh yeah, and we have our fingers crossed too! :)

If you need us, we are only a quick phone call away! Take care sweetie!

Love ya,
Marion & Regina D.

At 7:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you and Allie have a wonderful time celebrating with your extended family the birth of another sweet little one!
You all continue to be in my prayers.


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