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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Hearing Things

It was one of the longest nights ever! I think I must be crazy. I spent the entire night "hearing" Ash cry. Every time I would close my eyes and drift off to sleep I would jerk awake and look around for her. When I finally did fall asleep I dreamt that I could hear her but couldn't find her. I was in a panic as I searched in the most unusual places. Closets. Boxes. Under her crib. Outside. I tell you I think I must be crazy. Finally as the sun came up I realized where I was and where Ash was and I couldn't wait until 9:00a.m. so I could call and talk to her. Dave put her on the phone and I could hear her squeaking back at me as I told her I missed her and loved her. She is fine and doesn't even know I am gone. However, in the mean time, I am losing my mind without her. It is such an empty feeling!

Allison is SO excited about the baby shower. She went and had her nails done with grandma yesterday before we left. Last night she and my niece spent an hour putting their own hair up in sponge rollers and trying on outfits. They finally decided on a couple of pink skirts and tops. They are growing up so fast. It is really fun to listen to her talk and talk and talk about silly girl things like hair, and lip gloss, and rollers. Including Allison there will be 6 little girls busying themselves today as they serve tea and cake and help us "run" the baby shower. Kaitlyn has now joined the ranks and she has no idea how much fun is in store for her as she grows up in this family. As much as I miss my sweet Ashley Kate it has been very enjoyable spending this time with my Allison. I am so blessed to have my girls.

Well, I am off to set up chairs and set tables. I love a good party and I have really enjoyed planning this shower for my sister in law. It is so beautiful. I wish you could see the cake. My sister stayed up the entire night decorating it and it is perfect! Maybe I will post a picture of it once I get home. Enjoy your day. I pray you are surrounded by good friends and family. I know I am. It just makes my heart smile to see them all again. Take care. Trish


At 9:13 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Glad you were able to sneak away for those special moments....& see your sweet new addition to the family Ms. Katelyn. Praying for you all...& of course darling Ash. She looks so good in those last posted is so good to see. (= My kids pray for her every night. Have Travels.....


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