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Where We Belong

Allie and I are back home where we belong. We had such a great time this weekend visiting with our family and old friends, but we are happy to be back with Dave, Blake, and Ash. There is just something wonderful about the place you call home. I don't know what it is about home that makes me feel so good and so grateful, but I love it and I am glad to be here.

When I came in last night Ash was playing on our bed and when she saw me she began to clap her tiny hands and then the grin that I love so much spread across her face. I'm serious when I say that she had changed. I couldn't stop staring at her trying to figure it out. Was it her face? I don't think so. Her cheeks? No, their still puffy and rosy. Her eyes? No, they still cross and twinkle. What was it? I think I figured out that it was her hair. It looks different. It is longer and thicker in the two days that I was out of town. One of the hardest things about chemotherapy for me was knowing that all of her hair would fall out. I believe the Father knew that and He allowed her to never quite lost all of her hair. It became very thin and very brittle. You could see her all the way to her scalp and it would break off in chunks, but she never became bald. Anyway, over the weekend it got thicker, it looks darker, and I think its longer on the top. Too cute! I just love this baby girl.

Lots to do around the house today. By tomorrow we hope to have sinks in the bathrooms again. I am so excited we will be able to brush our teeth in the bathrooms. The kids and I are going to weed the flower beds this afternoon. Just like in real life pesky little things like to pop up and try to steal the beauty and enjoyment out of what God has given. I just refuse to allow those pesky things to take from me all that He intends for me to have. Whatever tries to be "weedy" and "pesky" in my life will just have to leave because I am far too blessed to pay attention to them. Ash is looking good, feeling strong, and radiates happiness. Life doesn't get any sweeter than that. I am so thankful for the blessings that surround me.

Thank you for your continued prayers and words of encouragement. There are good days and bad days in Ash's life and I am thankful you are here to share them with her and to pray her through them. You are a blessing to us. May you see the beauty in your life today. God Bless. Trish


At 11:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real life is full of weeds and pesky things. Good that you can refuse them

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Morgy's Mama said...

I just want to say that your focus is encouraging. I love that "too blessed to be stressed" way that you have of giving God the glory thru the storms. You are being prayed for today. Thank you for being a blessing.

At 1:11 PM , Anonymous Nikki said...

Love to hear how Ash is feeling AND looking great. I really appreciated our conversation on the porch this weekend. Honestly, I wish it could have lasted longer (though I KNOW you had a lot going on - and it was late.) It was sweet to me to exchange short examples of God's goodness through trials and hear in better detail how to specifically pray for Ash. I felt more blessed than ever for the short time I've had with her. Hope ya'll have an amazing week.

At 3:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it back home safe. Isn't it crazy how fast they change and grow! Praying for Ashley as she has her last treatment comming up! Chan

At 4:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...



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