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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


My Girls

Allison Brooke and Ashley Kathrine

I get an overwhelming sense of responsibility each time I look at photos of my girls together. What an awesome job I have been assigned. To think that the Father has trusted me with them is a humbling thought. There are so many things I need to teach them. So many things I have to model to them. So many things we will talk about together.

I love these little girls with my whole heart. I love everything about them. I love their sweetness. I love their beauty. I love their spirits. I love their smiles. I love their laughter. I love the way it feels to hold them. I love their stubborn streaks( they both have them!). I even find myself loving their strong opinions and attitudes. What amazing ladies they will become some day!

If I do it well and if I do it right they will grow to love the Lord with all that they are. It doesn't really matter to me what they become as long as they become who He wants them to be. More than anything I want them to seek His will for their lives. I want them to love righteousness and never fear to do the right thing. How will they learn these things? It will take more than just instruction. It will require example. I must hold myself to these standards. I must take my responsibility seriously. Am I modeling what it looks like to love Him with my whole heart? Am I showing them what a love for righteousness looks like? I must constantly remember that these young ladies are looking up to me.

Something I have learned along the way? I am not always going to do the right thing or be the example that I should be. I'm a mommy and I'm human. I make mistakes every day. I lose my patience. I begin to grumble. I become lazy and don't take care of my responsibilities. The important thing during these times is that I realize it and am willing to admit it. I show them that being perfect isn't what is required. What is required is a heart that will ask for forgiveness.

God doesn't require us to be perfect. He waits patiently for us while we stumble and fall and He is always there with open arms to receive us back to Himself. Its about forgiveness. I forgive my children when they make mistakes and He forgives His.

This week I am taking the time to examine myself. What kind of example am I being today? These children are far too precious to take this job lightly. Self examination can be really ugly. Although it would be easier if my heart were reflected as I stepped in front of the mirror each day, I am thankful that it is not. I just might find myself avoiding it all together.

Our sweet Ashley Kate is finally awake and ready to play just as her daddy has turned off the lights and declared that it is bed time. It looks like she and I will be hanging out in the living room for a little while. She seems to slowly shaking off this little bug that has zapped her energy. She is waking a little more each day and we even saw a smile or two from her this evening. She continues to grow and change every day and we love watching her wake up and begin to discover the world around her. Our trip to Omaha is getting closer and closer. I think we will all breathe a little easier once it is behind us.

Thank you for checking on our gherkin tonight. The photo above is the one Allie has chosen to send to those of you who have ordered her painting. We have really enjoyed spending time looking through them all and remembering. As always your prayers and your presence are appreciated and we wish you a good night. God bless. Trish


At 8:53 AM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Thank you Trish for this post. There isn't a rule book for being a parent....well....except the BIBLE. But, the Proverbs woman I am not. I wish I had the energy to do all that is described of her. However, thanks for the reminder of how important a mother's job is.....& even when we are tired...they are watching us...modeling us. Oh, when I hear back something I have popped off with....out of their mouths....(not bad...just the comes back to you from them...exactly). Uggghhhh.... I have my "re check" moments too.
Rambling.... anyway...good post. Good reminder... (Love the pictures)


At 9:50 AM , Blogger Krista said...

You are always so inspiring to me and everytime I read your posts I have to stop and think How truly Blessed I am ! Thanks for the reminder! The girls are so beautiful!

At 10:47 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

Beautiful post and so true. Thanks for being honest and reminding us to examine ourselves regularly. Beautiful picture. They are so pretty and sweet. It warms the heart to see the love between them.

At 1:31 PM , Blogger Paulette said...

How funny, I saw this picture and thought I would love to have that picture to frame so I can show people who visit my home this family I pray for!! Then I saw I will get one!! It is absolutely beautiful The love just flows from Allie for her baby sister, how precious!
I feel the same way about my Ashley and as I look at her now as a young woman and all it took health wise to get her there I marvel at what a Godly young woman she is! It is just as precious now that she is grown and you can sigh and say yes father it was all worth it and to you I give the glory!!
Praying that Ashley bounces back each new day. She is in my prayer journal where I write about her ups and downs. I am praying as you prepare to leave as well.
Love Ya'll!!

At 1:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a priceless picture of the girls!

At 8:25 PM , Anonymous lori said...

Your girls are gorgeous! I always love reading your journal.

We are praying! God bless!

At 10:09 PM , Anonymous Regina D. said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture! Thank you for sharing it with us. Regina D.

At 9:39 PM , Blogger theragan3 said...

what an absolutely gorgeous and sweet picture of your girls. can't wait to get this AND the painting!


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