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Blessed Again

One of the biggest blessings to our family through Ashley's Story has been seeing the care and compassion of so many who have never met her. I spent my evening at a benefit concert for Ashley and watching the performers use their God given talents to help a little girl they will probably never even meet. It amazes me that they care so very much. To watch each of them use their talents to tell His story was a blessing to me. We know that so many worked long and hard to do this for Ashley and we thank you. I would like to thank Cindy and Matt A. for organizing the concert. You gave so much of yourselves for us and our prayers are with you and your family during this time. Thank you Amy T. for being the MC. Thank you David G. for running the sound. Thank you to the artists, Virginia Lawrence, Terry Petersen, Ty, Dave Pendergraft, Danny Ray Harris and the Second Generation Vocal Band for allowing God to use you and for sharing His truth. Thank you to all the sponsors of the event and to each who came. You have blessed us again. May you be blessed for your willingness to love our Ashley.




At 10:57 AM , Anonymous oh amanda said...

How awesome! Always praying for more of God's great blessings!

At 2:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to know that I was able to bless you all with the great performers that entertained at the benefit concert. I think they did an awesome job. Lives were touched once again by Ashley's story. Ashley has touched so many with her amazing miracle story. Trish, Dave, Grandma Glenda, you have touched so many with your faith in God. I know the road has not been easy for you. But, you all have been strong in the midst of the storm. Your love for God has blessed so many. Keep it coming!!!!

I just read the post that Ashley is throwing up. I am praying that it is just a virus and nothing serious. Even though I may not post as often as I would are always in my prayers and thoughts.

Love and God bless you,
Cindy Adams


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