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Waves of Grace

What are you looking at? Are you wondering why in the world I am sharing "this" with you? Let me explain.

Its a painting. The artist? My Allison. The name of her piece? "Waves of Grace". How beautiful. How appropriate. How precious.

This is not only representative of her talents or her passion, but it also represents her heart. Our beautiful Allison has begun to paint "masterpieces" in honor of her baby sister and the struggles she has overcome. Today she sold her very first painting, and she is so excited. My heart was blessed as she came to us and shared her vision for raising money to help her baby sister. She has carried a desire and a burden for Ashley's campaign for months. She has wanted to help do something for Ash, and this is her answer. I couldn't be prouder of this precious young lady who has designed a way to use the talents God gave her to give to her sister.

I sat and watched her paint this particular piece this morning and admired her from across the room. As she painted, and studied, and planned I thanked God for the passion He gave her. When she shared with me the name of her painting I looked at her and said, "How appropriate." "What does that mean?" she said. "It just means that when I look at that painting I can feel the waves of God's grace washing over me and it reminds of everything we have gone through." "Oh, I'm glad you like it."

I don't know how many she will actually sell or who outside of our family would even want to buy one, but none of that matters to me. What matters to me is to see the tenderness of her heart towards the baby sister she has spent her lifetime praying for. In my biggest of dreams I could have never imagined how wonderful a life God had in store for me. I have three amazing, beautiful, talented, precious children and I am so blessed to be their mom.

Our sweet Ashley Kate is a lucky little pickle to have been given this girl for her big sister.

Tonight I am hoping we all get a full night's rest. Ash is looking pretty sleepy to me and she has not been screaming(except for when I have to clean the infection site). I think she has worn herself out today. This has been her best day since the infection began, and I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers. It is my hope that you too have felt the "Waves of Grace" wash over you at some point in your lives as well. It is an amazing thing to KNOW that we have a Father who extends His grace and forgiveness to us. Good night and God bless you. Trish


At 12:04 AM , Blogger Paulette said...

What a sweet post and sweet big sister. As an artist myself I love it when kids use there talents. I might add that it would be precious to do maybe christmas cards reflecting ashleys journey,they would also make great keepsakes. No matter what the gesture in her caring is priceless.
I wanted to come by and check on Ashley tonight and pray over your blog before going to bed.
Goodnite Family

At 6:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


...Thank you, Trish, thank you Allie. That post was such a blessing.

With much love in Christ,

At 7:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish, your posts are beautiful as always. Love the painting and thepicture of Ashley and Allison. I am praying the trip to NE goes very well. Love, Pam

At 9:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sweet big sister! The painting is just beautiful!

Here via Oh Amanda.
I will keep all of you in my prayers!

At 10:05 AM , Blogger Krista said...

I was just about to post a comment on the beautiful art that Allison painted and I see the idea has already been given by "paulette". I think i t would be a great idea for her paintings to be made in Christmas cards to sell for family and friends. I would buy a set from her to help Ashley for sure and I know ALOT of other people that would too. Children's artwork on cards is the most personal touch to add to a holiday greeting card. And that painting you shared is just beautiful. She has a beautiful soul and that makes it even more special.

At 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the painting and would love to have a copy of it myself. Isn't it just like God to make two sisters look alike also. I really love the picture of the girls and they do resemble one another to me. Those precious cheeks! Makes us all want to pinch them. Have a wonderfully blessed day and may the Lord continue to heal Ashley!

At 11:23 AM , Blogger Karen said...

That is just precious, Trish. Love, Karen

At 11:44 AM , Blogger cindy/barron said...

Allison your picture is beatiful.I to thank that the two girls look alike. Thanks Trish for sharing with us we love you.

At 1:26 PM , Blogger Amy T said...

Way to go Allison! Awesome painting! What a great big sister you are!

At 3:12 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

How much does Allison want for her paintings? I would love to have such beautiful art in my home. Plus, what a wonderful reason to buy art!!!

At 10:20 PM , Blogger cindy/barron said...

how much does allie want for her paintings we would like to have one.


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