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For the Joy

I sit in anticipation of what the next few days may bring. The thought of leaving, living in our home again, spending the holidays with Dave, Blake, and Al has me more excited than I have been in a very long time. Just thinking about restoring our relationships face to face brings me great joy. Knowing that I could be tucking those children into bed by Tuesday evening is almost more than my heart can hold. This may be the best Christmas our little family has ever had. This may be one of the sweetest of gifts God has ever handed to me.

I have thought a lot about Bethlehem. Why the long journey? Why the difficult road? Why no room for them in the inn? Why a stable of all places? For the joy is what I am finding. For the joy in the angels voices as they announced His birth to the shepherds. For the joy in Mary's eyes as she held Him for the first time. For the joy in the hearts of the wise men when they finally arrived to worship the child. For the joy of those who knew Him as He walked this earth. For the joy of those who were healed, and touched and changed by Him in those 33 years. For the joy of seeing us come to know Him. For the joy of knowing us. He created us to know us. He sent Him to redeem us. For the joy in heaven's halls each time one of us comes home. I think thats why.

I've thought a lot about Omaha. Why the long journey? Why the difficult road? Why this room in our "inn"? Why a transplant of all things? For the joy of loving Ashley Kate. For the joy of holding this precious little girl. For the joy of giving that longed for baby sister to Blake and Allie. For the joy of our reunion. For the joy of seeing His hand at work. For the joy of uniting so many hearts in prayer. For the joy of His healing in her life. For the joy of being touched and changed during this time. For the joy of knowing Him more because of her. I think thats why.

My relationship with my children bring me such joy. Spending time with them. Just talking to them. Giving gifts to them. Knowing them. How much more must the Father's heart fill with joy when we spend time with Him, talk with Him, give to Him and get to know Him?


At 9:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an incredible gift, thank you for sharing her.
p.s. Still praying and happy that you are so close to home for Christmas!

At 9:45 PM , Blogger The Rutland Family said...

Wow! Well said! May we all experience this kind of "joy" this Christmas! I am praying so hard for you guys to go home.
Because He lives, we CAN face tomorrow!
God Bless!

At 9:45 PM , Blogger Laurie said...

Ashley's little life has reached so many hearts for the Lord and mine is one of them. She is a blessing to all of us and thank you so much for sharing her so unselfishly. I am so excited to read your excitement here tonight. Praying you home Trish for the best Christmas of all time. This post is so full of Hope and Joy. Bless you girls as you sleep tonight and I hope your colds are behind you.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

At 9:52 PM , Blogger Gretchen said...

Trish, I treasure this post and your love for the Lord and for Christmas, especially. Praying each day that you would tuck all 3 of those babies into their sweet dreams. xxxooogretchen

At 10:51 PM , Blogger Elizabeth S said...

Thank you. I needed this. Still praying for you to go home!

At 7:44 AM , Blogger Connie said...

Praying for you, that you'll be home for Christmas! And longer. ;)

At 8:58 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

Very well put, Trish. I've been out of town a few days and was very excited to see the last few posts. Sounds like you caught the cold bug that's been here the last few weeks. My sister's whole family had it and it sounds very similar to what you've posted. Hope you and Ash are feeling better now and I'm excited for you for the possibility of what Monday holds. Praying!

At 1:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


The words you wrote truly touched my spirit. If I may I'd love to share them in an e-mail with our church family. God has blessed you tremendously. He is alive and working in our lives and we look forward to what He is going to do through Ashley and her testimony. As we continue to pray for you and yours, may God grant your hearts' desire. ~In Christ Name, Tambi in WV

At 2:35 PM , Anonymous April said...

I pray you are both home for Christmas. Who could ask for more.

And my wish for your future? When Ashley is in her teens, sitting at the kitchen table looking at photos of when she was just a small pickle with tubes and a puffy face, my wish is that you are putting the finishing touches on your book about the journey the two of you made together.

Prayers and hopes for a journey HOME soon.

At 3:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So happy that things are going so well. We're praying hard that your Christmas in Texas will happen.


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