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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Away we go!

Its been one of those weeks. Long days. Long hours at the office. Busy schedules. We love it, but every now and then if we can sneak away a day or two early then away we go. Tonight were lucky enough to get to do just that.

The Tarheels are playing in a tournament at the Big League Dreams Park in Mansfield this weekend and we are so excited. Their first game on Saturday will be played at Fenway Park(the replica at least). Its going to be so fun!

Ash is buckled in and ready to go. We are ending one of her best weeks yet. Its been months and months since I could say that she has had a whole week of good. Each day she just looks stronger and stronger and we are counting our blessings. She is learning, she is growing, she is moving(a little, only 2 inches today, but still trying to move). We have learned to make the most of the good times and have truly taken that to heart when it comes to family time, weekends away, and the day to day.

So we will catch up with you guys tomorrow evening and hope that the end of your week and the beginning of your weekend is blessed. Enjoy the good that surrounds you. Love you guys. Trish


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