Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



It might has well have been a mile. We couldn't have been more excited if it was. The four of us sitting around the baby gherkin in the middle of the floor as she encouraged our hearts. It really was the most encouraging thing we have seen happen in months and months.

Last night Ashley Kate moved. Our daughter, the one who refuses to roll over, refuses to crawl or creep or stand or walk. She moved! All by herself. Across the floor. 2 whole feet. It was INCREDIBLE! I have no idea how she figured out this mode of transportation and I don't care. It was amazing. She sat in the middle of her pallet and all of sudden decided she would like to go somewhere. So she began to scoot. I'm not sure I can really give you an accurate description of how she did it but I will try. She was sitting on her bottom. Her legs were stretched out in front of her. Her hands were leaning on the floor up next to her feet. She decided it was time to go and she went. She pushed with her hands(something she has never done before and we have been trying to teach for more than 2 years with no success), moved her legs in and out, and away she went. Backwards, but away she went. At first we were stunned. It took us a moment to comprehend that she had decided it was time to move. Once we figured out what she was doing it was time to celebrate. The smiles on our faces as we all sat around her encouraging and applauding her were huge. I promise you it was unconventional. Something she came up with all on her own. You have probably never seen another child move in this way, but thats ok. What encouraged our hearts was seeing that she had a desire to get somewhere and that she had the ability to do something about it.

I'm still trying to process it this morning. Ashley Kate has the ability to move. We always hoped that she would, but had never seen her do it. She's almost 3 years old and for the first time in her life I really feel like walking is going to be a possibility for our daughter. Not today, but someday. There are no words to describe how blessed we have been. I just thought I would share.

2 feet or 2 miles, makes no difference to me. She can do it and thats all I need to know. Thank you God for showing up in our home again. We are grateful. Trish


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