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Our weekend trip

So fun! Ashley Kate had a wonderful weekend away(as did we all). We left out of here on Thursday evening to make the trip out to the ballpark for the Tarheels tourney over the weekend. We took our time getting there and just enjoyed relaxing. We slept in late on Friday morning, fixed some breakfast in the rv and then got back on the road to finish up the last hour of our trip. Friday evening we spent the night playing games, watching the must see movie RV (that is if you travel by rv), baking cookies(to keep up with Friday night tradition before a big game), and then allowed the crickets and night time noises to sing us to sleep. Then Saturday we headed into the ballpark at Big League Dreams and let the games begin. What great fun we all had.

Ash loves the ballpark. She claps, plays, naps, and visits with all of our friends. We take long walks around the fields, she giggles as she hears the bats hit the ball, she brings books and toys, and just enjoys the opportunity of being outdoors and getting to stay there for a long time. Between games she naps in the rv , watches an episode or two of Blue, and cools off before the beginning of the next. On Saturday the Tarheels lost the first game 4-2. They tied the second game 3-3 which caused them to have to play in the first round of elimination play that evening at 8pm. We were all a little afraid of being sent home early, but after a long game of overtime the boys ended up wining against the team they had tied earlier that day(funny how things work out) causing them to go home early and us to stay for the second game of play. Yeah! Tarheels. Blake made a couple of incredible plays from behind the plate and that made it even more fun to watch. Dave and I were blessed to meet a few of our blog readers who snuck over to the ballpark to watch Blake play. How fun it was to visit with people we had never met, but who had been praying for our Ashley all this time. We met their children and enjoyed sharing ours with them. The next day of play was just of fun as Saturdays. The Tarheels won their first game of the day 8-6 and then moved into the championship game. It proved to be a battle of the bats(which is exactly how the Tarheels like to play) and we won it 14-12 by holding the opposing team in the last inning. We were all on the edge of our seats and couldn't believe that our boys were walking away with another tournament win. To say that we were proud of them would be an understatement.

Ashley continues to look stronger than ever. She is growing and happy. Her feeding pump went out around noon on Saturday and since we were out of town with no way to have it replaced we had to begin bolus feedings every hour on the hour to make sure she stayed hydrated and got her calories in. What fun I had waking every 30minutes through the night to feed her. Lets just say that I'm a little tired. We are still waiting for the new one to arrive this afternoon so its been almost 50hours straight of 2 ounce bolus feeds. Fun, fun.

Allie has had picked up some kind of rash from one of her classmates at school and hasn't been allowed to be close to Ash for over a week. Her heart is sad and broken because she misses holding her, but she understands and doesn't want Ash to get it. It could cause Ashley Kate to be hospitalized for a very long time and we are all walking around on eggshells hoping it doesn't spread. Thats why you won't see any pics of the girls together over the weekend in the slide show.

Ashley loved playing Pass the Pigs with us at the table in the rv and as you will see in the pics after 5 rounds of rolling her pigs she feel asleep sitting up. It was the cutest thing ever. I happen to love the pic of Blake and Ash wrestling. The smile on her face was priceless as he placed her in a head lock. She gets no special treatment from him. He's still a big brother and picking on little sisters is his job. Ash loves him to pieces. We had the best time together and are looking forward to a new week full of opportunities for Ash to learn and grow. We are so happy to be together, to be home, and to be living life as normally as we can. Hope you all were blessed with a good weekend too. Take care. Trish


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