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We are headed out to Canton this morning in search of our back pack vendor. I wanted to let you know that I wish I could get all of the back packs ordered but will not be able to.

If you did not e-mail me or make payment arrangements with me then I will not be able to pick up your back pack today. I had hoped to hear from everyone who said they had wanted one, but since I did not I just don't have the funds to pay for 30 or so back packs that are personalized. If you did send a check and if it just didn't arrive yet then I plan on getting the contact information while I am there today and I will be happy to still order for you once your check arrives. Several of you have spoken to me through e-mail and we have made "personal arrangements" and so this post won't apply to you if you know that we have discussed your order and payment.

Pam, I will pick up Mallory's bag today. I tired to send you an e-mail but for some reason its not going through.

I don't really know any other way to let you know if I have received your payments or if we have made arrangements other than this so I will be listing the names of those bags I plan on getting today. I'm sorry if we haven't connected yet, but I promise if a check comes in for the bag you ordered that I will do my best to still get you one at a later date. PLEASE e-mail me if you sent a check and your name is not on this list. My e-mail is

Bags for:

Hope you have a blessed day and I hope the vendor is in the same place they were last month!


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