Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Days like this...

remind me of her frailty. She is such a tiny girl and when she doesn't feel well she seems all the more frail. I forget how quickly she goes down hill.

Today has been yucky. Ashley Kate has NO energy. She is tiny, frail, weak, and lethargic. Something has invaded her little body and it is sucking all of the silliness, happiness, playfulness, and joy from her. My heart is so sad and so concerned on days like this.

In all honesty I will be shocked not if they tell us she needs to come in for IV fluids, but if they tell us she does not. Something about her appearance leads me to believe she is too dry. No huge red flags, just small ones. I just have a feeling she's not right.

Its going to be a long night. I think she'll sleep well(she hasn't napped all day), but I know I won't. My heart is heavy as I anticipate her labs in the morning. If she truly is dry then it will make the stick all the more difficult on her. Her stool culture may take a day or two to return any results is she in fact does have an identifiable virus. The trouble with virus' is that for every one that they can identify there are hundreds more they can't.

October through February are just hard months for our transplanted little ones. This is the farthest into the fall season she has ever made it at home. We are hoping to make it a full year before returning to Omaha. That means we must survive here in Texas until the end of March. Our fingers are crossed(although I don't really believe it has anything to do with it).

Your prayers are appreciated. I'm hoping to get her through this without an admission. Take care. Trish


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