Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Do we stay or do we go?

Ashley has had to episodes of vomiting this evening. She continues to be lethargic and not herself. She has no fever, but looks very weak.

Dave has requested that I ask prayer for direction. We have no idea when to go or when to stay. It doesn't get any easier. We have been parenting our little one for 3 years now and we are as unsure about her stability today as we were on day one. We hate to be paranoid, but we hate to sit still and waste what could prove to be valuable time. If we go in tonight no one will even look at her. More than likely they will struggle to place an IV and attempt to get blood from her(which may prove almost impossible if she is dehydrated). In the end we will probably be sent on to Shreveport and then they will decide if they think they can handle her this time or not. Ultimately our last stop could be Omaha if her organs become at risk. Anytime she gets a virus her grafted organs have a potential to be at risk of rejection.

Her symptoms are loss of appetite, small amounts of emesis, high stool output, lethargic, and it seems as though her body aches when I try to pick her up or hold her. I would like to try and ride this out until morning at which time her doctor would be available to look at her, but in all honesty there is not much he can do for her other than run lab work, and order fluids. Outside of that he will just watch her which is exactly what we are doing now. If her labs come back positive for an infection of some type he will order an antibiotic, but until then its just watch and wait. Hope and pray.

We may go ahead and take her in tonight. We really don't know what we should do. I'm going to start my laundry and throw a few things in a bag just in case we decide to run. Its going to be a long night.


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