Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Difficult Place

 This morning I find myself in the middle of a very difficult place.  I would ask that you please pray for Ashley Kate, please pray for my dad as he is recovering, and for me as I try to make the very best decisions possible.

 Circumstances have changed here for my Dad and I have a lot of difficult things to figure out.  Ashley Kate began feeling poorly yesterday and ran a fever last night.  Dave noticed that she was not well through the afternoon.  She napped from 6 to 8 last night which is very out of character for her.  He did say once she woke up she seemed to be feeling a little better but still ran a little fever.

He is going to take some blood cultures and run a metabolic panel and CBC up to the lab so we can see if things are changing.  Hopefully we will be able secure orders quickly.  Perhaps its just a fluke and she was tired, but more likely shes either beginning to battle a line infection or the rejection is beginning to make her sickly.

Life can become very, very complicated when Ash is unwell.  Adding in my Dad's condition complicates things even more.  My mom may be heading to Texas in my place for the next couple of days to take care of Ash for me while Dave is at work.  Lots of decisions to be made today.


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