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Yes, I was serious...

...there are Christmas lights in my family room.  Yes, already.

Its who I am guys.  I can't deny it or defend it.  Its what I do in October.

While the whole world is celebrating Halloween(which much to my despair Ashley Kate showed great delight (expressed by constant giggles) in all the monsters hanging from the ceiling in the party store last week) and such I am ignoring it because its so ugly.  Yes, I know you can put cute little costumes on your kids.  I am also aware that many, many of you celebrate it and like it.  Thats fine.  Really it is.  My convictions don't have to be the same as yours. I believe the Holy Spirit convicts each of us individually in our lives in different areas.  What is wrong for me doesn't necessarily mean its wrong for you and your family.  We  just choose not to participate.  Never have.  Blake is 17 years old and I promise you he has not missed out on a single thing in this life by not dressing up each October.  Anyway, celebrate it if you just happens to be my jumping off point for the holiday season.

I spend all of October preparing our home for the holidays.  There are Christmas carols playing in my car.   The house has begun to feel so peaceful with the transition.  We sit in the family room each night with the lights glowing and sweet holiday scents filling the air.

I have so much left to do, but I enjoy finishing bits and pieces of it each day.  Ashley plays on the floor around my feet and we talk about Jesus.  And Christmas.  And "surprises".  Its so wonderful!

So by the time Oct. 31st rolls around we will be in full holiday mode.  Trust me when I tell you it puts us all in the best mood.  Blake came in night before last to say thank you for bringing Christmas back to our house. He just love the way it feels.  I agree.  We all do.  It makes you feel...happy, peaceful, content.

So, yes, its true.  You did not mistake what I wrote.  The lights are hung on the family tree and they are reflected in the glass once the sun goes down.  Its my very favorite thing about this time of year:)

By the way...Ashley Kate did not get out of her bed even one time last night:)  I must have scared her straight the night before!  


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