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Slowing it All Down

I looked over the calendar early this morning and sighed.  Its so full.  So packed full of living over the next two weeks that I'm tired just looking at it.  Before I could become discouraged by the schedule of events I reminded myself how much I could be missing out on.  Before I could get overwhelmed by the day after day goings on I reminded myself how BLESSED we are to even be standing here in our home looking over that busy calendar.  Perspective.  I can do this.  I will survive the next two weeks and at the end of it I will have a heart full of memories and hopefully will have made an impact on my kiddos world by being involved, supportive, and connected to them.

To say I'm not tired would be a lie.  I am tired.  Its physically exhausting getting Ash to this and that along with me, but its so worth all the effort.  She is happy to be on the go and wakes early every morning signing "car", "lets go", or "bye".  Shes ready to go before I have the opportunity to wash my face!

Last week I was reminded why I do everything that I do and why I make sure we are there with the kids.  On the ride home from a game my beautiful Allie said to me, "Mom, I'm so glad you come to all my games.  On days like this its nice to look up and know someone is still proud of me."  Those two sentences solidified in my mind why all the effort is worth it.  Even when I think they don't notice or really don't care if I show up, they do.  How blessed am I to have the opportunity to be there for her!  With her!

This week is packed so full.  Only to be followed up by an even busier week next week.  We will celebrate a 17th birthday.  Play an out of town volleyball game.  Work at the homecoming carnival.  Thats just whats on the agenda for tomorrow!  The rest of the week is just as full with baseball practices, homecoming, the pep rally, another volleyball game, cheering at the football game, a baseball tournament, a baseball scouting performance, and a baby shower in OKC.

But my slow it all down.  Its the one day this week that I will be home all day.  Its the day that I can catch up the laundry, clean up the house, play with my baby, plan a nice dinner, iron a weeks worth of work clothes, and surround myself with all those things that make me happy.  Peaceful music, yummy fall candles flickering, a giggly 7 year old, and a few holiday projects.  I'm going to enjoy today and I'm going to rejoice that it was given.  What a gift to be here in our home this fall morning.  I've spent so many of her fall mornings so far away from our home watching her struggle that I realize today is going to be blessed.

I'll be baking all day for that 17 year old who requested his favorite cupcakes for his birthday tomorrow.  My sister's recipe!  No pressure there!  Hope I can replicate what she does so amazingly well.

Tomorrow life will move on full speed ahead as we work our way through the calendar this week and into the next.  Its a busy life.  Its a blessed life.  Hope yours is too.


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