Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Prayers Please

...for my sweet Allison.  Its been the hardest, most hurtful, last seven weeks, and she just didn't need one more thing breaking her heart.

I'm sitting here with tears flooding down my face for her.  She failed the concussion test again this morning. My heart is so broken for her.    Everything she has worked so hard to juggle and all the ridicule and bullying and plain old crap she's had to put up with to make cheer and volleyball work together is over for this year.  Her season has ended while everyone else's will go on.  She is now frozen for the next two to three weeks as she tries to heal.

I understand how serious her head injury is.  I get it.  What I can't get is why a senior can mouth off about my daughter on a two hour bus ride with the team and celebrate that she's injured and no one, not a player or a coach, do anything about it.   Allison has more character and more heart in an ounce of her being than those who are doing their best to demean and destroy her.  I'm so proud of who she is.  She's moved on.

   We will continue to pray for them, but enough is enough.  It needs to stop.  I wanted to let it go and thought eventually someone would end it.  Mean girls are mean girls.  They won't change.  What baffles me is that these very girls have eaten dinner at my table, spent several nights in my home, traveled weekends with us, and celebrated my sweet Ashley's 7th birthday here with our family.  True colors are true colors.  You can't pretend to be something your not for very long.  Your actions will eventually expose what is found inside of your heart.  I'm going to allow Blake to protect what he loves so well.  His sister.  He has to sit in class with one of them and listen to her mouth run and run and run.  He's just about had it.

More importantly for us at this time is that Allison heal.  Freshman volleyball isn't worth it.  Football games and pep rally's will be a plenty for her in the coming years if she's blessed to make the squad.  Allie is our focus.

I just wish I didn't have to watch her heart ache too.


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