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Its just me and the girls today.  The guys are off to a baseball tournament.  Originally we were all supposed to travel together, but plans get changed.  Sometimes in ways you least expect.

Thursday evening right before the start of the football game the JV cheerleaders were warming up.  Allie took a really hard hit to the head when the flyer in their stunt group came down in the wrong position.  The full weight of the girl landed on top of Allie's head without any warning or time to brace for the impact.  Anyone who thinks cheerleading isn't a "real" sport or doesn't believe its dangerous has obviously never been the parent of one.  It frightens me more than all the other sports she is involved in combined.  Anyway, we thought she would be fine after a few hours, but unfortunately she was hit so hard it took her more time to recover.  She was so dizzy, so confused, and lethargic for most of the night.  The next morning she failed her concussion test and was placed on restriction with very specific instruction to do NOTHING but rest.  They wouldn't even allow her to go to school.  Little by little she's feeling better.  Insisting that nothing is wrong with her, but she's still having headaches and her sensitivity to lights(she has to wear sunglasses in the house!) tells us her injury is lingering.  She will be testing again Monday morning in hopes that she can pass and begin her required 4 days of training before she's allowed to cheer or play volleyball again.  Its been heartbreaking to watch the tears fall, but we know better than to not take this injury seriously.  Its a process of getting better, and it looks like she will more than likely be excluded from the rest of her volleyball season.  Much to the delight of a few girls on the teams which again breaks my heart as the hurtful words come back to us.  Character is really exposed in times like this and it makes me wonder were and how they learned to be so cruel.

Anyway...the important thing is that she is getting better.  She will come out stronger in the end and she is once again learning first hand how to treat others.  I'm proud of her and her sweet spirit.  Wishing the teams only the best in her absence.

So instead of traveling today we have an opportunity to be at home.  We haven't spent a Saturday at home in more than a month!  We are making the most of it too.  Ash and are I busy pulling out the holiday decorations as we watch Christmas movies.  Allie has fallen asleep again and I hope as her brain rests it heals.   We are working on the play room tree first and will work our way as far through the house as we can.   At this point the house looks out of control with boxes and lights and tree parts spread to all corner of it!  I'd be so embarrassed if anyone stopped by unannounced today!

Ash is doing well.  She's feeling good.  Her liver and her kidneys continue to show decline each week as her lab work is processed.  Her bilirubin and enzymes are showing us the wear the liver is suffering from the exposure to her TPN.  I'm just taking it day by day and focusing on her attitude and how she feels.  As long as she's happy I try not to get to worried about the lab work.  Eventually it may catch up with her, but for now she's her happy little self.

I'm grateful for the day off and for the opportunity to be in our home with my girls.  I wish it wouldn't have come about in the way that it had, but I can't change it.   I'll be listening to play by play of the game via phone with Dave as I hang lights and decorate mantles.

Keeping our Allison in your prayers would be greatly appreciated.  She is determined to pass that test on Monday, but I'm not so sure that she will.  She still has too many symptoms of injury:(

Have a blessed weekend.


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