Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


17 years


On this morning 17 years ago my life was changed.  I had no idea what a joy it would be to parent you on that morning.  All I did know is that we loved you like we had never loved another in our entire lives.  The very moment you were born I became a different person than the one I had been in the moments before.  You changed something inside of me that day and there has been no going back since.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for growing me up.

You have been the greatest blessing in our lives.  You have been the easiest child to parent.  You have been nothing but a joy to your dad and I.  We laugh sometimes at how very easy it has been to raise you in comparison to your little sisters.  I can't remember a day in your life that I thought parenting you was a hard job.  You have made it that easy on us.

I admire you my son.  I look at you from across the room and I realize that you are no longer a boy.  You have grown into a man before our eyes.  Your bigger than your dad now.  Your voice is strong and deep.  Your convictions are firm.  Your drive is nothing short of admirable.  Your dream is becoming a reality with each passing day.  As I sat next to you Saturday evening and listened to the words of those recruiters I had to fight back the tears that wanted to fall.  Just being on the sidelines watching things in your world begin to fall into place makes me the proudest mom in the world.  Blake, I don't know where you will end up playing in the next 20 months.  I have no idea what school or what team will inherit you, but I do know that as long as you are praying to be in the center of God's will that it will be the right place for you.  I know that with every part of my being.  You do not want to go outside the center of His will.  Stay grounded.  Pray hard.  Seek deeply, intently, and purposely to find where He would have you go.

What words can I use to describe the way I feel about how you take care of your little sisters?  How do I say to you how very grateful we are for the love you show toward them.  You are a blessing in their lives.  So many evenings you willingly stay home to care for Ashley Kate so that I might travel to see Allie play ball.  Your happy heart blesses me.  You love to spend time with Ash.  You take such good care of her.  My favorite memories of the two of you together are when you have no idea I'm close enough to hear.  The words you speak, the kindness you show, the love you give to her makes my heart smile.  That little girl has your heart and I feel for any girl who may ever want that place because it already belongs to someone else.  The girl who steals your attention will have to be a girl who can love your baby sister as unconditionally as you do.  I've already seen a few come and go.  You were right...they weren't the right one.

Today I wish for you so very much.  I wish that you will always know how much you are loved.  I wish that you will feel the admiration we as your parents have for you.  I wish that you will be surrounded by good, loyal, uplifting, fun loving, solid friendships.  I wish that your hard work will pay off.  I wish that your dreams will come true.  I wish for you the very best life that God has in store for you.

Happy Birthday Blake!  Your mom loves you so very much.  I'm so proud of you.  If I could have chosen from all the boys in this world who I wanted to be my son I would have CHOSEN you!  How blessed am I that your Creator chose you for me.  May your day be filled with blessing after blessing.  See you tonight.  Love, Mom


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