Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Urgent Prayer Request

9:33am 9-30-2005


About 30 minutes ago a nurse was changing Ashley's central line dressing (the central line is the line that carries her nutrition and meds directly into her heart) and accidentally cut the central line. Ash has had this central line since her original operation over 13 months ago. This is a very serious time as central line infections can be deadly in a very short time. The doctors are in surgery doing another transplant right now, so we do not have direction as to what we are needing to do. For now the central line just has a hemostat holding it closed. We are thinking there are 3 options. Remove the central line at the bed side which means pulling it out without any pain control, having her go back to surgery to have it removed which means she would be back on the ventilator she just came off of or possible doing a patch job on the line itself. All of these options involve an increase risk of infection, which is the number one cause of death following transplantation. Please please pray for Ash today and that things can be fixed without complication of infection. I will update when a decision has been made.


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