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Late in the day

It is now almost 6:00 and the day is almost gone. For Ashley she will have no memory of today, but I am so thankful that He has given me another one to spend with her. Ash has been under heavy medications for over 24 hours now. It is so scary to look into her eyes when they shine the flashlight into them. She is not there right now. She is sleeping so soundly that she has no idea what is going on around her. We have just experienced another "bagging" episode and she has recovered. Her sats have been dropping down into the 60 and70s. They would like for them to stay above 95. The alarms will sound and everyone comes running to work the bag and the vent to find the correct settings so that she will begin to breathe easier. This was the 4th time today they have had to use the bag on her.

One of the ports from Ashley's line (she has 3) is now leaking. At first they came in thinking they would re-wire the line and replace it, but after assessing the site they decided just to add some more stitches to hold it in place( Ash had torn them out days ago) and not take the risk of losing the line and ending up in the OR. I think that was the best decision to make at this time. We have just taped off the leaky port and are requesting that no one try to use it. Ashley is waiting to receive more blood today. Her hemoglobin is very low after yesterday's surgery and we are hoping this will help her blood gases to become more stable. I would like to really encourage all who are able to become a part of the blood drive that is scheduled in honor of Ash. The blood that Ashley receives has saved her life more times than I can count. It is such an important way to give to others who you will never meet. You will be able to walk away knowing you have now become a part of not only Ashley's story but someone else's as well. What a wonderful way to give to others who are in need. I will say thank you in advance to all who plan to attend and give the gift of life in honor of Ashley. I am so grateful for your willingness.

I have had another one of those long, middle of the night naps that I am becoming famous for. I am so grateful to have my family taking turns sitting with Ash so I can rest. I think I am more mentally exhausted than physically so when I am able to sleep it is not pretty. I am really learning to snore during this experience. It is not very lady like. I can assure you of that! When I do sleep I always wake in a panic trying to get back to Ash as soon as I can. My heart is always racing when I come into her room after such a nap. I really hope to begin to relax a little as she becomes stable again.

Today has been an exciting day for my Blake and Allison. Last night at practice coach surprised the Tarheels with their new Texas State Champion jackets. How I wish I could have been there to see the smile on Blake's face. I could hear him grinning on the phone when he told me all about it. I know he must have been so proud to wear it this morning. The boys worked so hard to earn those jackets and we as parents are all so very proud of their accomplishments. Allison should be receiving her new cheerleading uniform for this season today and I can not wait to talk to her it tonight. I am expecting Dad to remember to take the camera this weekend to her competition and send me some pictures of what I am missing.

Thanks guys for loving us and thanks for praying us through another day.


At 6:50 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Trish, How your heart must drop each time her O2 SATS fall...that must be a frightening experience....watching the team bag her....I really have no idea what you are feeling....but I know you must be so tired: physically, emotionally, mentally, ....I am amazed at your perserverance but know a wouldn't be anyplace else. I had a place to go stay in Dallas but wouldn't leave the ICU except when they kicked us out at shift change & I remember being so times...NOTHING compared to your experiences...I know. I am so sorry she has had to endure so much....reading the earlier post of the surgeries she has had. I pray she will be able to get off the paralizing agents soon...& in turn... be off the vent also.
(Dave)- praying for you too...I know this must be extremely difficult for you...being away from your baby ..& your wife during such a change in condition with Ash. Also, trying to keep things a float financially. I think many of us forget all the responsiblity you have trying to keep a practice going & your home. It must times ...feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Praying God will help meet some of those financial concerns to lessen that burden. ( Blake)- Whooooo Hoooo.....that is so cool about the jackets that your team received . How exciting....congrats young man!! (Your Family & extended family) - we are praying for each of you....& your role in Ashley, Blake, Allison, Dave, & Trish's life.....praying that God will answer prayers & bring healing to Ashley & peace to each of you during this very trying time. HUGS.... (=


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