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Rough Going

Today has been a pretty rough day for the little Gherkin. She had a scheduled surgery today at 2:00 to place a feeding tube in that would bypass the stomach and go directly into the intestine. It is called a G-J tube. They couldn't find the right size for her so they were going to make a makeshift one out of a couple of other parts. When it was time to do it they decided to go ahead and use a larger one the is the right thing, just a bit larger. This seems like a better idea to me than the first of piecing one together. Because of the delays in finding the right part the surgery did not actually start until 2:37. The surgery was anticipated to take about 1 hour. Trish was beginning to get worried as we have not heard any report an near 5:00pm which was double the time we had expected to get some type of report. Finally a nurse came out to talk with Trish and told her that she had just realized that we had been waiting for some type of report. The nurse relayed that it was taking quite a bit longer than expected because Ashley's "anatomy is quite a mess in there and it is really slowing things down." I know Trish has been worried and I would appreciate your prayers for her tonight. Ashley is going to be very sore as they put her back on a ventilator and they have been running tubes and scopes down her throat during this surgery. Please pray for Ash tonight as what should have been a relatively easy surgery seems to have been a much bigger ordeal for her than originally planned. It is about 6:00 now and I still have not heard if Ash is out of surgery yet. I do hope so. Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of our story. We appreciate all that each one of you are doing to help our Gherkin. Hopefully we will all get a post .........Hold on Trish just called.........

Trish just told me that it has been over 3 hours in surgery and things are not going well. The anesthesiologist just told Trish that Ash's airway has constricted around the vent tube and thus she will not be able to come off of the vent today. She said that they still have not been able to accomplish to placement of the G-J tube and she does not know how much longer they will continue to try. I am praying that they will get it in there and that we did not put Ash through all of this trauma for nothing. If they give up then we have done nothing to move her forward, just taken steps back. Please be with us in prayer now that they can accomplish the placement of the G-J tube. Please pray for Trish as she is having a very difficult time with today's turn of events. Please pray for Ash that we can find a solution to the feeding issue as it is becoming more and more important that we get her off of the TPN. The TPN is what killed her liver to begin with. She did not have any problems with her liver, it just died as a result of all the TPN she received and we certainly don't want that to happen to her new liver. Please be with us in prayer and thank you for being there for Ashley and our family. Please pray for comfort for our little Gherkin tonight after such a hard day.


At 7:17 PM , Blogger Mayhem & Miracles said...

David and Trish,

I was planning to send this information in private (and still will more details), but didn't think this part of it should wait after reading tonight's post. Just want you to know a new friend of mine (who I've known OF for quite some time, but just got the blessing of really hitting it off with her) has a daughter who has just turned 7 years old and is still fed TPN 12 hours daily and looks great. She is very frequently in the hospital, but she is also frequently active in school and just has the sweetest disposition ever. As she talked about Laura and we both began to tear up, I asked her "How does she look SO healthy?" Her answer --- GRACE. She can't explain it except for our Heavenly Father sparing her one day at a time for over 7 years now. She knows it is a physical impossibility, but she has prayed these same prayers for her Laura for so long now and He has honored them all faithfully. There is so much I want to tell you about this sweet lady (Lisa) and her awesome family and she wants to e-mail you. I will try to get her address soon. The TPN will only do as much to Ashley's liver as God allows it no matter what the doctor's say. I think my whole meeting her was a miracle straight from God to pass on to you. She has been where you are. Let me know if it's O.K. to hook you up. She prays faithfully for Ashley and asks me for updates every single time she sees me. Love Ya'll a lot and I am praying for each of you so much tonight.

At 8:24 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

Oh Father, we thank you for little Ashley, and we just pray that you would be with her tonight Lord. You know what is going on inside her tiny little body.....we just pray that You would give the doctors the wisdom they need to be able to make this surgery successful. We pray for Ashley's comfort, I can't imagine the pain that she is going through each day, but Father we just pray that You would give her the strength she needs to keep fighting. The story You have created with Ashley has touched the lives of many and we pray that you would continue pouring your blessings and grace on this family. I pray that You would comfort her to feel Your love and strength. I am so thankful Father that You are there with this family every step of the way. Reassure them and help them to hold on to You, Lord. Give David the words to be able to comfort Trish, and each time Trish starts to feel worried Lord, we pray that You would just surround her with Your love and help her to give her every worry back to You. Help little Ashley get through this surgery.....we thank You Father for this precious family and how You have used them to touch our lives. In Your Name I Pray, Amen


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