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Where is She Safe?

Morning rounds brought up this question: Where is Ashley the safest? What do they need to do with us? They don't feel like we need to be in this room here in the PICU. Outside of Ashley's cancer she isn't sick. No infection, no oxygen support, on full feeds. What do they do with us?

The surgeon looked at me this morning and asked me what I wanted to do. "Go home to TEXAS!" was my answer. He replied, "I don't see why that can't happen in the near future." Did
I hear him correctly? "...the near future." I pray this can happen for my Ashley. In the meantime what do they do with us? Upstairs? no thank you. The Lied for cooperative care? Only if they make us. Our apartment? I think this would be the best choice. The big question is Ashley's safety. Is she safer inside the walls of this hospital where there are huondreds of patients with virus' and germs and disease? or is she safer on the outside wiyh just her and I in our apartment? We are not sure of the answer. Please join us as we pray for direction. We would NEVER want to put Ash at risk, but the truth is that she will never be safe from the risk of picking something up from somewhere or someone.

Ash continues to sleep. Her little body is wiped out from the chemo and she can't stay awake for more than a minute or two at a time. Tomorrow she begins week number 2 of our first of 6 cycles. We only have 17 more weeks to go! I can't wait to be told the cancer is in remission.

Today brings us the possibility of leaving the hospital this week. I have learned from our prior experiences to be thankful but not naive. I just want God"s best for Ashley no matter where that may be.


At 12:25 PM , Blogger Krista said...

Praying for God to show you the answer. The apartment would be so nice for you..even though it isnt home--at least you wouldnt have a million people coming in and out!
Praising God for no other symptons--and Praying for her to be cancer free!

At 12:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Offering up prayers for guidance. What wonderful news just to the near future.

Praying for germs and infection to stay away...and that He give you ultimate direction.

Kristi in Texas

At 12:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How good HE is!

At 1:01 PM , Blogger Cheryl said...

Oh how amazing to hear you could head to Texas and closer to family. There are 2 upsides to Ashley's sleeping - first , it means she is already feeling the effects of the chemo and her tiny body is spending its time fighting that cancer. And secondly, it'd be nice to have a sleepy baby make the trip home rather than one crying and screaming...I sure pray that's where you girls are headed

At 1:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would be fabulous. We are finally all infection free here and I think I'll be able to manage swinging by this week to see you.
Maybe I could bring some of your stuff to the apartment or bring some groceries or something to you there.
Praying that this dream of getting out of there becomes a reality.
Jill from Omaha

At 1:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of these prayers are being answered daily! Thank you dearest Father in heaven! What happy news!

At 1:11 PM , Blogger Jenny said...

I will be praying for God to show you His will in this situation. I'm so thankful that she is still on full feeds. That is such great news!! I hope and pray that you get to take Ashley home to Texas. I know that is the desire of your heart. If the docs feel like it's a safe option for her, and if God wills it, let it be! I'll be praying!

At 1:22 PM , Anonymous dee buchanan said...

Praise the Lord for the possibilites! My heart leaps for joy! Will continue to pray for wisdom and that God supernaturally protects her from disastrous side effects!

At 1:53 PM , Blogger Connie said...

I am praying for you! It's amazing to hear how not-sick she is, minus the cancer!! Everytime I yearn for home, I remember you and how long you've been away.

Connie in Colombia :)

At 2:12 PM , Anonymous marva mcrae said...

Still praying in Alabama!

At 2:45 PM , Anonymous katy said...

WOW, what exciting news! Hopefully you will be home soon.

At 3:08 PM , Blogger jtcosby said...

WOW! I was surprised to read this post! How scary and exciting and about 8 million other emotions I am sure! Praying for a definite comfort with the answers you receive! Sending requests for hedges of protection around both of you.

At 3:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, I was just thinking the same thing..... if she's just fighting the cancer, there's plenty of kiddos who fight at home in between chemo treatments.... I wonder if Ash could be one of them? And look, it might actually happen. I bet you never thought you'd wish that she'd *just* be a cancer patient.... but in this case, it's amazing what God teaches us to be thankful for. OF COURSE cancer is NOT good, but PRAISE GOD if it's the only thing she's struggling with and not all that other mess.... and PRAISE GOD if she can leave the hospital for a while AND remain safe.... and PRAISE GOD no matter what, because He is in control. I love y'all so much and was exceedingly thankful to read of this possibility today. My prayers are that the she is *just* a cancer patient and that the rest of her body remains well... that you and your precious fighter will soon return home to Texas... that little Ash will reach remission and move on from this chapter in her story.

At 4:00 PM , Anonymous christy m. said...

Wonderful to hear the long awaited news that ash could go home! I know there are questions and concerns surrounding the decision of what to do....I will be praying for you about this. Also praying her chemo side-effects are as few as possible as you continue treatments.

At 12:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ashley is safest smack dab in THE CENTER OF God's will. He is bigger than a virus. FAITH, FAITH, FAITH


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