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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Daddy's Girl

Thats what she is. My sweet Ashley Kate loves this man. How wonderful it is to see them together. Tonight I watched from across the room as he lay on the floor with his bundle of baby girl asleep across his chest. She just fits there. Every day is the same. He can't wait to get home from the office to see his gherkin.

Tonight we did some work in the yard at our house and came home to grandma's a little dirty. We needed to wash up and change our clothes before touching the gherkin so her daddy walked right past her to get to the sink. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. He broke that baby girl's heart. How dare he walk by without picking her up. She was so sad, and she proceeded to cry and cry until he returned to place her in her rightful spot. Once she was there all was right with her world again and the tears on her cheeks dried right up.

He really is the best dad in the world. He loves our kids and they love him. Just hanging out with them is his favorite thing to do. I am so thankful God gave Blake, Allie, and Ashley this guy to be their dad. I love watching them together. I love to watch him and Blake play ball in the backyard. I love to watch him open the car door for Al as they leave the house for one of their "date nights". I love to watch him snuggle up next to Ash on the floor. I love to listen to him talk about them, pray for them, and visit with them. Our life is so good because he chooses to make our family a priority. Our kids and their interests, their hearts, and their character are important to him. I appreciate him for choosing them over other things.

Ashley can't tell her daddy how much she loves him, but her eyes say so much more than words could. She lights up when he enters the room She snuggles up so peaceful next to him. She laughs and giggles more with him than with any one. Seeing this baby become her daddy's girl blesses my heart. He is soaking up every moment he can with her and his land of daisies and rainbows is a good place for her to grow up.

Thanks Dave for loving the kids the way you do. Thank you for being the leader and the example you are to them. Thank you for making our gift a daddy's girl and for letting her wrap you around her tiny finger. You touch my heart each and every day as I watch you with our children. I love you for making time with them more important than anything else on your plate. Our baby girl loves you with all her heart and so does her mommy.

Another day at home with our Ashley. Another day of making memories with our Ashley. Another day of our Ashley's story in the making. He gave us another day and I am so grateful. Good night. Trish


At 8:42 AM , Blogger Greg said...

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At 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go Trish!!! I hear a smile in your words.... I know you are making ever minute count... There is nothing like a "Daddy's Little Girl"!!! Your love for your family and your love in God is inspiring. Praying for you today!!! Fonda

At 9:23 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!


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