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I have spent time on the phone today with Ashley's doctors. The neuro department in Dallas doesn't sound very promising to me. Once they review her file and if they decide to take a look at her then they would try to see her sometime in July. Omaha doesn't seem too happy with that plan. I am still waiting to her back from them. I tried to share my opinion about what may be causing Ash's trouble. Dave and I really think that most if not all of our current struggles are related to her course of chemotherapy. The more people we talk to about it that have either been through chemo or have had close friends or family go through it seem to agree with us. Our transplant coordinator told me that she was going to talk to our oncology team in Omaha and if they showed ANY concern at all then she would expect me to be on a plane today with Ash. I agreed, but have not heard back from her yet. I am hoping that is a good thing. I spent the afternoon glued to the phone just waiting to find out if Ash and I would be leaving tonight. It is now close to 5:00 and the offices are closed so I am assuming we are safe to stay home for another day.

Ash took a 12 hour nap. She slept from 3:30 this morning until 3:30 this afternoon. She awoke, got dressed, and went outside with her Nan to take a walk to the pond. Her favorite place to be is outside. I wonder if its because she spent so much of her life stuck on the inside? I just love watching her soak it all in. Everything outside is interesting to my Ashley. If you ever want to learn to appreciate nature you should take a little walk with Ash. The birds, the wind, the grass, the trees, the water, the ducks, the flowers, the bugs, the squirrels, its all great fun when you watch her enjoying it. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to take her outside.

I feel nervous and scared when I think about the diagnosis that may be coming our way, so I am trying to fill our days with other things. I would much rather concentrate on playing and living then worrying about the other. Ash is in her 10th week of the 18 week course of chemo therapy. I am encouraged to know that she is more than half way through. I just know in my gut that if we can get her through this then she will take off. Anything will be possible. If she could just feel good for a stretch of time rather than just a day or two at a time then I believe she will begin to learn and learn and learn. Right now its just easier for her to sleep through the bad days.

Thank you for praying for our sweet Ashley Kate. Thank you for checking her story today. I appreciate each of you for your faithfulness. My prayer is that you too will be blessed the way you have blessed us. Take care and God Bless. Trish


At 5:44 PM , Blogger Carey said...

Im praying for you sweet Ashley today, as always. Im glad to hear she likes the outdoors so much. I love being outside too, it makes one feel so much better.

At 6:25 PM , Blogger Ms. McFearsome said...

how hard it must be for you to be at the mercy of the transplant team.

i can only imagine what that must be like.

praying for your sweet Ashley, that God may bless her and her family...

At 6:27 PM , Anonymous Nikki said...

Trish and David,

I know that what you typed here certainly was our Ashlie's experience - Greg's cousin. She's the one that fought cancer when she was 12 and then again at 17. (First in a specified area and then in her marrow) When she did the most intense drugs of her chemo, she would sleep sometimes up to four days at a time. When she was awake, she wanted to pack in all she could and was quite active. I think a parent's gut counts for a lot, but the doctors HAVE to play it safe. Especially in Omaha, where they really got to know and care for Ashley personally. Maybe if you DO get sent back, it won't be a "diagnoses," but just a precautionary look-see to make sure "their" Ashley, who they know and love, is fussed over adequately and preventatively. Maybe. I know you obviously have more info than what comes to us, but it has always stuck in my mind one time you posted that 100% of the kids have to return at some point. Ashley has really been out for SO LONG comparative to all she's been through. Maybe this is just God's way of getting her "well baby" checkup with the team who knows her best. And don't worry about being "too worried." There is a difference when you HAVE to think about these things. I mean, obviously, you HAVE to consider all the "what-ifs" in order to make sound decisions. So sometimes just being in the process of thinking all those through is more "concern" than worry. I don't know. I'm CERTAINLY no expert; just trying to throw out some layman's hope. From the outside, it seems like Ashley is doing just PERFECT with her circumstances. Praying for strength and peace for all of you. :)

At 8:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always,prayers are going up for your family from S.E.Ohio.

At 8:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I pray for Ashley and your family each day. I usually don't leave a comment; however, today I felt like I needed to let you know that Ash has been on my heart today. I am inspired by your story and know that God's plan will be revealed to you. Thank you for glorifying our Creator with your lives; it gives me continued hope.
Jaime in Georgia

At 8:46 PM , Anonymous Lori said...

Praying for all of you!


At 9:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im praying for Ashley, and the family may God continue to bless and keep all of you. God has your familys life already planned and his will ,will be done. God is a miracle worker, he has worked so many miracles in ashleys life already and hes not done yet. Tish you and Dave are amazing parents.Love you

At 9:28 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

Praying for Ashley. I'm no expert, but it makes sense that the chemo is causing a lot of it. May God guide the doctors to make the best decision. And may He go with you into whatever the next part of the journey is. More than that, may you rest in His arms during it.

At 10:59 AM , Blogger Amanda said...

I'm praying. Chemo is just poison! But I'm asking God to use it to poison the bad cells and leave the good ones to help little Ashley!


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