Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Today is a very exciting day. This is the day that Dave and I will travel to the school and watch our Allison, aka Ponce De Leon, give a speech. The third grade class has done a unit on Famous Explorers and the children all chose who they would like to do a report on and give a speech about. Why did she choose Ponce De Leon? One good reason. She told me she thought it would be fun to wear a beard and a mustache. We are so looking forward to going. She has practiced and practiced. Last night she stood in the living room in complete costume and gave us a preview. She was so funny! I can't wait. She called this morning to make sure we were coming and to remind us to bring the camera and video camera.

I wish I would have video taped her last night as she practiced. She was tripping in her "explorer" shoes and was having to pause in the middle of her speech to pull up her pants. The large explorer's hat complete with giant blue feather kept falling into her eyes and she couldn't see her outline. Her beard and mustache was slipping into her mouth and she would have to re adjust before proceeding. At one point she stopped and said, "I wonder how Ponce kept his pants from falling down?" It was priceless and cracked us up. She is really excited. I promise to post a picture of our Ponce De Leon tonight. You are going to love it!

Our little Ashley will be exploring the backside of her eyelids( I hope) while her grandma rocks her this afternoon. She has been the silliest baby today. When Ash decides to laugh she really laughs. There is no half way with her. We have spent our morning playing on the floor just being silly. Oh, how I love this girl. I went to switch the laundry and heard her laughing so loud I had to sneak up behind her and listen. She was happily entertaining herself while I was away. She has started snacking on her fingers and loves to make them nice and slobbery. Then she wants to share them with me. So not only is her face nice and slobbery today, but mine is too. Her aim is not that great so she slimes me on my glasses, my nose, my mouth, and my chin. It makes her so happy to share. Right now she is sitting on my lap and listening to the tap, tap, tap of the keys. She is actually behaving except for the sliming thing. She just keeps shaking her head "no, no" every time I talk to her. I have repeatedly asked her to please start saying, My ma ma" again and her response is always no. I can't wait to hear that sweet little voice, but until then I will just enjoy her laughter, her orneriness, and her antics.

Thanks for your prayers for our pickle. I'll post a couple of pictures of her tonight as well. Take care and enjoy your day. God Bless. Trish


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