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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Life Lesson Number....

...I can't remember what number I am on, but this morning I learned another one. I set out to do a little gardening in the back yard and while in the middle of it the lesson hit me. Here it is:

Never fertilize a flower garden while wearing flip flops!

This is what the Lord taught me today. As any good Texan knows flip flops are a necessity. My problem is that I have to vices when it comes to shoes. Nikes and flip flops. I have many pairs of each in several different colors. You would be hard pressed trying to find any other shoe attire in my closet. The Nike's come from my past running career and the flip flops, well, like I said I live in Texas and it is hot. Today as the cow manure squashed cow between my toes I wish I would have chosen my Nikes.

Now for the real lesson. There are two things that my personality just doesn't include. Laziness and selfishness. I think thats a good thing about me, but Dave on the other hand might prefer for me to be a little lazy so that in our free moments we wouldn't spend them planting yet another flower garden. Anyway, my love of gardening came from my mom and my work ethic was definitely handed down to me from my dad. I just can't sit still when there is a good patch of soil just waiting to be inhabited by a few flowers. So this is how I ended up with manure between my toes for most of today. My mom and I had a discussion about preparing the soil. She shared her wisdom with me telling me that just like everything else in life a good foundation is the key. Whether your gardening or raising three children the root system is what feeds them. That root system takes is nutrients from the soil and cow manure is perfect for feeding those root systems. As I thought about the real lesson in all of this today I prayed that my parenting would instill in my Blake, my Allison, and my Ashley that the word of God is what will feed them. I must plant it into their hearts. Its roots need to spread into their very souls. It is the key to growing good young people with hearts for righteousness and quality character. If I never plant anything else inside those tiny hearts I have to plant this. Without it they will miss their calling and the very purpose He has created them for.

Our Ashley is having a really good stretch. Since being discharged from the hospital on Sunday her week has just gotten better and better. She is feeling strong and happy and that makes my heart sing. This morning her daddy took her outside and entertained her with a row of bushes. Yes, it doesn't take much to make her smile when she is with him. Just listening to him say, "This is a BUSH! Hah!" made her giggle. I stood back and listened to them discuss that bush over and over again and her laughter became infectious. She giggled and giggled until she had us both laughing right along with her about that silly bush. I have never met anyone like my sweet Ashley. God has given her such a spirit of JOY. She loves life and everything in it. She is teaching me to love everything as well. Her happy heart is so beautiful.

I have grown and learned so very much since the birth of my Ashley. God uses her daily to remind me of what is truly important in this life. I really believe she has taught me so much more than I have taught her. What a gift she is to us. Thank you so much for coming to her story today. I am glad you have chosen to grow with us. You are a blessing to this family. May you be equally blessed. Take care. Trish


At 8:49 PM , Blogger jtcosby said...

You are amazing...I keep thinking I am going to get better at parenting...I am finding I need to be reading my Bible to be a better parent. A closer relationship with Christ will bring me to a closer relationship with my family...thank you Trish!!!

At 8:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoping you all have a lovely day today, Trish!
Know that I continue to pray for dear Ashley daily.

At 8:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great lesson! I am so glad that Ash is so happy! What an answer to prayer! (((hugs))) Chan

At 9:44 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

You and yours are a great blessing to us! Thank you so much for sharing. You are inspiring to me. So glad Ashley is feeling better this week.


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