Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ashley's Story

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I have a question for you, Dave. I was wondering, what is the story on how you got Ashley, if it isn't confidential or anything?

1:03 PM

The details are confidential but the big picture goes something like this.

When Trish and I began dating some 15 years ago we started getting serious about marriage and our future together and such. When we started talking about family we both agreed that we both wanted to adopt a child someday, we began to pray about it. After we got married we discussed it more and then God surprised and blessed us with Blake in 1995. We continued our "planning" and a few years later in 1998 we were again surprised and blessed with the birth of our first daughter Allison. Well, we finally learned what was causing these kids (wink...wink) and took action to make sure it didn't happen again. We knew in our hearts there was still room for our family to grow, but it was going to have to be another way. We went through a number of years where Trish would be ready to adopt and I wasn't, then I would be ready and she wasn't. You know how married couples can be...She is hot and I am cold......She is cold and I am hot....the man wants to watch real TV and the woman wants to see what's on know. At Christmas of 2004 Trish and I began talking about adoption and both decided God was leading us to grow our family. We began to pray, us, Blake, Allie, we all prayed for Gods direction for our family. The summer of 2005 God placed someone in our lives who He used to bring Ashley to us. That is all the detail I want to share. So in August of 2005 we met our daughter Ashley Katherine Adams for the first time. After some legal Mumbo Jumbo we headed to Medical City in Dallas and walked in a Neonatal Intensive Care room with 3 tiny babies. Trish looked in the isolation bed and said "there she is, that is Ashley" before a nurse had time to show us which baby she was. God had answered our families prayers.

You can see that first night by clicking here.

If you want to know how she ended up with the transplants click here.


At 1:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm loving your posts this weekend. Almost choked on my toothpaste just thinking of how you didn't have any. Just love all the information from your point of view. I think we'll all need your commitment to add perspective regularly for everyone's sake!
Oh and the Q & A time has been very fun too! We have our first foster child (placed with us last week) and hope he'll be able to be with us forever. Thankfully he weighed over twice what Ash did as a newborn!

At 1:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more I read about your testimony, the more I'm amazed with God's hand in our lives. How awesome and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

Dave-thanks for keeping us posted with the progress of Ashley. We are so glad it's been good news after good news.

At 2:25 PM , Blogger Sun said...

I was adopted - your story touches my heart! Praise Him for the hearts He gave you - for an amazing Daddy - for a precious Mommy and for two of the greatest kids - Blake and Allie - for the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends that have prayed you through the last few years - He is so good! Little Ashley is so blessed to have each of you as her family! Sunshine

At 2:46 PM , Anonymous Stephanie - KCMO said...

Dave, Thanks for the updates. Sounds like Ashley is doing wonderful and she is such a blessing from God. I'll continue praying for more miracles for that very sweet baby. Love, Stephanie

At 9:38 PM , Blogger Judy said...

What a beautiful story. We have adopted also. We are on our 2 adoption. Our first adoption was a sibling set (girl and boy) and the adoption we are in the process of is a little girl. The first two were were 3 and 2 when we got them and our baby was 6 months old. It is a wonderful thing that you have done. God has surely picked the best parents for little miss Ashley.


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