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Going No where

(I'll explain this photo a little later in the post)

Its a "going no where" kind of day for us, and I couldn't be happier about it. Nothing on the schedule(although I NEED to buy school supplies for the children)so were just going to clean some bathrooms,do some laundry, maybe a little organizing(I'm serious when I say that Ashley's equipment is taking over this house!) and work on crawling. Tomorrow we will hit the ground running as we attend birthday parties, Tae Kwon Do, soccer practice, Walmart, Dillards, and Target. I'm tired just thinking about it. Dave called to let me know we won't be seeing him until late this evening so that gives me the go ahead to pull up a ponytail and get busy.

Blake(and all his friends) are absolutely exhausted! I saw him get up this morning, walk around the family room a time or two and then collapse back into his bed. I just giggled to myself. Playing for 48 hours straight without sitting down even once is hard work and by the end of yesterday those boys were all begging their moms to pick them up so they could take a nap. We had a wonderful time hosting the camp out and I think the boys really enjoyed themselves. We all agree we won't be doing another one until late October when the weather decides to be a little more agreeable to tent sleeping.

Ashley Kate has systematically destroyed the family room this morning. I had placed her in the middle of her play mats with a few puzzles, a couple of toys and some books after her breakfast. I dare say a tornado has hit and you can't walk through the room without stepping on a puzzle piece! She has been so ornery and difficult this morning. She has bit my toes(while I'm trying to type) and giggled hysterically as I yelled "ouch", stolen Blake's glasses and refuses to give them back, dumped over her cup of water, and now sits in the middle of this mess being as cute as ever and scans for her next victim. The nice little play mat area has been disassembled and thrown from corner to corner. What will she do next? The possbilities are endless. Picking up the mess is a waste of time, so I stand behind her folding laundry and loving every bit of it. I shake my head and my heart is grateful that she is so much trouble. Heaven help us the day she really decides to get up and move(the child does all of this while sitting!). Nothing in this house will be safe! I can hardly wait.

The dryer is now buzzing and the kids are too(they think they need lunch or something like that)so I suppose my break is over for now. Perhaps during her nap(I've just banished her to the nursery to rest?) I'll be brave enough to clean up behind her and hope she won't notice that her puzzles are stacked so orderly and her toys have been cleaned up once she returns. If she does notice it won't take but a few moments for her to get it back to the way she likes it. Hope you all have a nice day. I'm off to switch the laundry. Trish


Em, we LOVED the shirts you sent. I laughed out loud and promised myself that I WILL for sure take pictures of her in the "no pictures please" outfit. We miss you and hope you guys are doing great. Take care.

Many of you asked what photographer we use for Ashley's portraits. I've never had a real photographer take her picture. Dave and I took Ash's 3rd birthday portraits ourselves. We used the same area out at the pond as we did last year. I love that place! I wanted to do something different, but its my favorite place to take photos so I used it again. Her dress was made by an elderly lady who sells vintage pillowcases and table cloths in Canton. It is what they call a "pillowcase" dress. Hope this helps. I'm so glad you liked them.


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