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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Details are coming

Whew! It has taken hours and hours to sift through the 389 photographs that were taken over the weekend. I tried to give a brief over view of all the different components of her birthday celebration. I promise the details of the sets and the games that we played along the path are on the way. I just wanted to share some photos first since I know thats what most of you were waiting on. A few of you have asked for the nitty, gritty details and that is what I will be attempting to share with you late tonight. We have planned a small family get together tonight for a private celebration of her birthday and when I return from that I will attempt to post the details of each of the characters and the planning that went it to the party for those who have asked for help with their own Candy Land celebrations. I can assure you won't be disappointed with this theme and your guest will have a wonderful time.

I'm off to clean us all up for dinner and then to enjoy some of that amazing cake. Yes, my sister does make cakes professionally(she's been creating them for us for years, but has just begun to provide them for the public over the past year). She is amazing! Her business is Creative Cakes by Toni located in Edmond, OK If your in the area I would HIGHLY recommend her(Some people drive all the way from Dallas to get one of her cakes!). She can make anything and it tastes better than any cake you have ever eaten. I promise!

We still can't believe we are celebrating three years with our pickle! I get goose bumps every time I type that! Have a great evening. Trish


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