Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Sweet Ashley Kate,

You woke early this morning before the rest of us. I stayed very still and listened to you play in your crib. How precious you are! Your tiny feet poked above the rails and your hands applauded the day. I listened with tears in my eyes to your voice. The voice that had been silenced for over a year. The voice that I longed to hear again. The voice that I prayed had not been lost forever. You so proudly said, "b,b,b,b,b,b,b," this morning. You giggled and played with absolutely nothing. My heart rejoiced to be in the room with you enjoying the morning of your 3rd birthday.

Three years! I can't believe it! You are still here. You are still learning. You are still growing. You are still teaching. You are still the most beautiful person I have ever known. How thankful I am to be your mommy!

At this moment you are scooting your little self all around the family room. Your tea set sits before you and a saucer is placed in your mouth. The spoons have been strewn about the floor and the cups all sit empty but you don't seem to mind. Your attention has been captivated and so has mine. Ashley Kate, I could sit here in this moment and watch you for ever never needing anything more. I can't keep the tears from stinging my eyes. Will my amazement over your life and your every breath ever cease? I hope not. I rejoice in the Lord for you today. I thank Him over and over again. I am so happy.

Ash, We celebrate your life today. Your daddy and I celebrate and delight in every single moment of your life. You are such a blessing, such a gift, such a miracle! Thank you for surviving. Thank you for fighting. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for giving us three of the most wonderful years of our lives. You are so loved. Happy Birthday Baby Gherkin! We love you today and for always. Enjoy being 3, you have surely earned it!
Love, Mommy


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