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Coming to an End

I guess its true that all good things must eventually come to an end, but in this home we are not too happy about it.

Summer is almost over for our kids and their mom and their littlest sibling are already pouting about it. Honestly, our kids handle the beginning of a new school year much better than I do. I know how exciting it is to get back to school, to see friends, to figure your way around to your classes, get a new locker, etc., etc., but it leaves our house SO quiet and So empty. What in the world will Ashley Kate and I do without the entertainment that Blake and Al provide for our days? I suppose we will count the hours to carpool and be the first in line each day so that we can see them just as soon as possible(I have a horrible habit of needing to be in carpool first. I've been known to wait there for 45 minutes before the bell even thinks of ringing! I know its crazy.).

With the end of summertime and the beginning of the school year our schedules are busy and full and life is just plain crazy, but we LOVE it when it gets like this. Tonight we are hosting a camp out for all of Blake's baseball friends( to quote one of our patients "I ain't scared" of a little rain. It seems to pouring down outside our windows this morning). The boys love the pond and the freedom they enjoy when they are out there under the trees in their tents. They fish all night long(literally) and wake with the sunrise. They don't shower(for some reason they try to convince me that the chlorine in the pool will fix whatever I think needs to be washed). They lose their shirts and run around in nothing but swim trunks and flip flops. They eat their own creations that they throw over an open fire pit and end the day with the messiest smore mess you have ever seen. It's great! I sit back and watch, sneak in a few photos, and enjoy the moment realizing that they will all be 13 by the years end and the days of sweaty, smelly, 12 year old baseball playing boys will be ending sooner than we would like.

Allie has other plans. A birthday party of a good friend and an all night adventure of her own. She is so excited. Her ear ache is gone and now all that remains is a little cough. She never got a fever and hasn't let the runny nose and cough slow her down. She is excited about buying school supplies next week and about being in the fifth grade. She earned to new stripes on her belt last night at Tae Kwon Do and she hasn't stopped smiling since. I have a feeling she is going to be really good at this.

Blake is playing ball for the Tarheels( of course) and also playing soccer for the CHS Sentinels. Allie is waiting to find out what soccer team she will be playing for this fall as well as continuing her Tae Kwon Do. Ashley is... well...lets just say we have some pretty big therapy plans for her this fall. She has no idea what we have in store, but it involves hoping to get her on those horses we tried for last year. She and I will spend our days practicing puzzles, flash cards, standing, gait training, and crawling. She's gonna wish it were summer time again.

Oh,well I suppose I should get the day started. We have lots to pack up for the boys camp out and lots of extras to get accomplished too. All of the back packs will be mailed out this afternoon so you should be seeing them show up at your houses in the early part of next week. If you would like to order your own here is the information :

Cutie Patuteez
Bettie Countrymen and Connie Bowden

Their website (I haven't looked at it myself)

As for the cost of Ashley Kate's birthday party I'm not comfortable posting what we spent because if I have learned anything in my whole blogging experience its that someone, some where will not approve and they will be quick to attack and I'm just not interested in hearing their opinions of my parenting choices. I will be happy to discuss it with you privately through my e-mail if you are needing help budgeting the party for yourself. I will say that most of our materials were things we already had around the shop and I know that cut our costs tremendously. I know our biggest expense was the candy bar and the cake and ice cream. Anyway, just send me an e-mail at and I'll get back with you.

Hope you guys have a great day and a great weekend. Trish


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