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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Something must be...

...seriously wrong with me. Why am I NOT sleeping? Both of the girls have stepped out the back door to Nan's for the night so that Dave and I might have a full nights sleep without listening to Blue(yes, we are still having the whole issue with her favorite puppy). What am I doing awake? I should be fast asleep, but here I am wide awake wondering if the girls are asleep yet?

Ash has been hanging out until the wee hours of the morning just for the fun of it lately and we are pretty tired. Now that her central line is gone I allow myself to half way close my eyes while she is in her crib, but we still have her ostomy. Trust me, an ostomy bag and a 3 year old don't get along any better than an ostomy bag and a 2 year old. She pulls the bag off at least once a day. I find myself changing that silly bag up to 3 times a day. Insurance has approved her for 40 bags a month and you would think that would be more than enough. Yeah right! Not for Ash. While we were in Oklahoma for her birthday we quickly went through the supplies I had packed for the 2 day trip and we had to call around and try to order some. The bags were $85 and the adhesive rings were $56! YIKES!!! Her little habit of pulling those bags off is not cheap! I get so tempted to have her take down scheduled, but I am not afraid to tell you that the whole thing terrifies me. I love having her home and choosing to schedule surgery and go back to Omaha for an indefinite amount of time is not appealing to me. Ash likes to do everything the hard way and I just don't trust her to breeze through her take down. So in the mean time I clean up her mess(you have no idea what a mess I'm talking about unless you are familiar with ostomy bags and their content. I have decided not to make you sick by sharing all the details. Just imagine). I wonder if 4 year olds get along with their ostomy bags any better? Just kidding. We plan on talking about take down next spring long before she is 4.

I'm starting to yawn. Who knew rambling on and on could make me tired? I wonder if it would frighten my mom and the girls if went out and knocked on the door? Its probably not a good idea. Guess I'll go snuggle up next to Dave and watch him sleep for awhile. Good night. Trish


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