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The Heart of a Father

Last night as I was tucking Al into bed I told her we had decided today would be the day for her to return to class. "What? I'm still ugly. I can't go like this!" I tried to explain that yes she could go like "this" and that she was not ugly. I told her everyone knew what she had been through and they would be understanding. She wasn't going for it. She cried. I mean really, really cried, but I thought to myself that we had to go back sometime and today would be the day. As we were praying before bed she prayed hard for something to happen. Healing? She'd take it. Ice storm? bring it on. She didn't want anyone to get hurt on the ice, but she sure did want school to be canceled. She was serious in her prayers and just prayed that everyone would be nice and not even look at her. I couldn't help but smile even though her heart was breaking. I guess at 10 a crusty, peeling, splotchy face is still considered to be the end of the world even though the swelling, redness, and blisters were gone. She just kept saying, "You promised you wouldn't make me go if I felt ugly." She was right. I did say that, but I didn't think it looked that bad anymore. Oh, well. I closed her door as I assured her that I loved her and that we would make it through this.

Fast forward to this morning. Dave gets up before the rest of us. Takes a shower, then gets Blake in the shower and wakes up Al. When he comes into our room to get dressed I start to get up. My first thought was Allison. "Did you get her up?"

"Nope, I decided we couldn't do it."

"I thought she was going today?"

"No, not today."

I just smiled to myself because something had changed. Sometime overnight his heart had softened and he had changed his mind. Al would not be going to class today with her crusty face. She would not have to face her friends looking "ugly". She would be home for another day to work on her skin and try to salvage her "dignity".

Oh, my! The heart of a father! That's all I can think of this morning. Here I was ready to enforce our decision and send her back because technically she feels great. No longer in pain, itching, or "monster" like. Then he steps in and shows great mercy and compassion on his child. He made the final decision this morning and his heart couldn't take the breaking of hers. I love him for that. He heard her cries last night and listened and then made the best decision he could for his daughter. Reminds me of another Father I know. One who listens, who knows whats best for me and yet even still shows such compassion when my heart is breaking. Steps in, changes the circumstances for me and gives me a little more time.

In the grand scheme of her life 5th grade means basically nothing. I hardly remember anything life changing taking place in my 5th grade year. I kind of think if we would have forced her to attend class today that this would have been a life changing day for my Allie. She may have never forgotten it. Not really worth it.

To be honest I'm thrilled with her progress. Last Friday the doctor informed me she would be out of school between 2 and 4 weeks. To see the amount of healing that has already taken place this quickly is really amazing. I really think that with one more day of moisturizers she may be ready to go back tomorrow and not feel quite so "ugly". So were really ahead of the game even if she didn't make it back today. If she only misses 8 days instead of the projected 10-20 then I'd say thats good.

The next thing I'll be asking you to pray for will be patience. For me to put up with all the tears and frustration that will surely come as she attempts to catch up from all those missed days. Its going to be a long, long weekend for our girl.


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