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What is it ?

Could someone please explain to me what it is about boys and their fascination with liquefying objects?

For the past week I have been hunting. Each day I wake up and go to my son's room in search of it. "What is it?" is all I keep saying. Over and over again I have searched. As the smell becomes more and more intense the hunt has become more and more important to me. There is something in this room that is turning my stomach. I've asked everyone to help. I have cleaned closets, drawers, lockers, looked under beds, moved furniture, emptied his desk, searched in his backpack, everything. I tried hard not to offend him as I would ask every single day, "Why does your room stink? What smells?" I mean I'm used to the smell of bat bags, dirty uniforms, cleats, etc., but this was something different. Really different, but yet strangely familiar.

This morning as I opened my bedroom door it hit me. It had made its way into the family room. The smell had come out of his room and was slowly taking over my house. It's making me ill. I've burned every candle, plugged in air fresheners, and used Lysol on everything. The smell is so awful. I made up my mind this morning to hunt all day if I had to, but I was going to find out where the smell was coming from.

So let me just ask you this. How long have you been reading our blog? If you've been with us since the beginning then do you remember a post written in early November of 2006 about a little issue we had when the TSA guys at the airport searched my son's backpack? If you don't remember or are fairly new to this journal then let me direct you back. The name of the post was "SECURITY ALERT". Now let me warn you its a long one, but well worth the reading. Go ahead and skip on back and read it.

This morning I finally discovered what I had been hunting for. My son(who hasn't been bothered one little bit by the smell, but extremely bothered by my request for him to join me on my little hunt) will be surprised to come home and find that I have been successful. Oh, yes I have been successful. If your stomach is easily turned then let me warn you to stop reading right here. If your curious about what the culprit was then go ahead and read the next paragraph.

In the back corner of Blake's room, between his bed and his set of lockers sat a lovely little box. This lovely little box is something he is quite proud of. He purchased it and its contents with his own money. Next to this box he has two brand new poles leaned up against the wall. Again he is so proud. He purchased the poles also. One for himself and one for his sister. Honestly, why I didn't discover this little box sooner is beyond me. Had I found it last week when the smell first made itself known then I'm quite sure it would have never gotten this bad. Anyway, let me just share with you that I have NO intention of opening this box. Nope, I sure don't. You see I was the one who opened the backpack that fateful day in November 2006. I won't make that mistake again. I have gotten the box as far as the front porch and there it will sit until lunch time when Dave can come home and do away with its contents. I don't have to actually open this box to KNOW what has happened inside of it. Two weeks ago we took a little trip to Caddo Lake. Before leaving town I purchased Blake a container of live bait. Night crawlers. A little blue Styrofoam bowl of worms. Yes I did. Just in case he wanted to use something other than his new fishing lures. I'm quite confident that inside of his new tackle box we will find a little blue Styrofoam bowl full of content that once had the form of little, wiggly, crawly worms that made their way through the mud of East Texas. No longer in their native form( because they must be refrigerated and not roasted inside of our home) I know that once the bowl is opened it will contain a version of what once was. A LIQUEFIED version!

Honestly, I had no idea that liquefied worms and liquefied broccoli smelled EXACTLY the same, but please take my word for it. They do.

Thank you God for my son. This child whom I love with my whole heart. Without him I would have missed out on so, so much! Things like rotten broccoli and decomposed worms. My life would have not been the same.


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