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Going Around

Update: Things are so crazy today that I'm having to laugh about it all. Honestly, if I don't find the humor in this whole mess then I'm going to cry. Once I finally got the keys I was on my way to the school and saw lights in my rear view mirror. Not kidding. I got pulled over because apparently the officer was randomly running license plates of the cars in front of him and mine came back showing an expired tag that hadn't been registered. It expired while I was in Omaha and I hadn't thought about. I received a nice little ticket this morning. He wanted me to turn around and go home, but I shared with him that I was on my way to the school to pick up one kid with the flu and that the one in the backseat was recovering from pneumonia hence all the surgical masks on our faces and scattered around our car.

I pulled up to the school with no intention of getting out of the car with Ash and Blake was waiting just inside the doors. It had been almost 45 minutes since he called. I've never picked the kids up early from school for being sick and had NO idea that I needed to go in to the office. I received a nice little phone call from the school explaining to me that I was supposed to sign something before taking him. Hmmm, I'm really sorry about that. Had no idea. Blake's head was hurting so bad he forgot to tell me until after the phone call came. I could tell they were irritated at me, but what am I supposed to do about it now? Laugh. That's what I'm choosing to do because leave it to me to NOT know the rules to the school that my kids have been attending for the last 2 and 1/2 years. I've been away for a good portion of it and reading the rule book had kind of fallen off of my list of things to do. I know I SHOULD have known, but I didn't. So I'm still laughing about not winning mother of the year award anytime soon. To be completely honest I still don't know the names to the majority of the teachers and parents who I see each and every week in our comings and goings up there. Like I said, no award for me this year and definitely not last and probably not next.

The flu is traveling around the kids school. Blake woke with a severe headache this morning. We tried to talk him in to staying home and he wasn't going for it. Guess who called and needs to be picked up? He lasted about 30 minutes in class.

This is a very scary thing for us. If he has the flu then Ash could be in trouble. Please pray for her protection. She has just now recovered from her pneumonia. The flu could be disastrous for her. Please pray for Blake. He just doesn't know how to slow down. Its going to be a long week for him. One of them will probably have to move out of the house for a few days. Ugh!

Unfortunately, Blake had my car keys in his pocket this morning after getting some things out of my car. He gave them to his dad on the way to school and now he is stranded waiting for me to pick him while I'm stranded waiting for Dave to find a break in his morning appointments to run me the car keys.

Life is never, ever, boring around here.


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