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So Special

It was just SO SPECIAL! Allison Brooke is such a sweet girl and I love her with my whole heart. She's been through so much over the last few years as she has watched her baby sister's ups and downs that it blessed my heart to stand back and enjoy watching her on her special day. I could never thank Dave's mom enough for all she did for the girls this day and for making this trip happen. The girls had a great time and we had a great time watching their eyes sparkle and the smiles on their faces. We spent 4 hours in the store. Yes, I meant to say 4 hours. It was a girls only day and we made the most of it. Dave and Blake were THRILLED not to be included in this shopping experience. They made us giggle with their oohs and aahs as we showed them each and every outfit that Allie chose for her doll Mia.

Ash had a really good weekend too. She had her daddy's full attention and she made the most of it. He and Blake took really good care of her and it allowed me to focus entirely on my Allison. I don't leave Ashley Kate very often and it was really difficult, but so worth it to see Allie have me all to herself. The boys and Ash spent the Saturday afternoon at the practice field as the Tarheels had their first practice of the season. Only 3 weeks to go until the opening tournament. Blake was SO happy to be back with the guys and to have the bat back in his hands. Dave's report was that the boys were "crushing the ball" and looking right at home as they took the field. We are so excited!

Today Ash is having Grandma come to sit with her while I pick up Blake from school for the conference basketball tournament. Currently they are the top seed in the tournament. The Sentinels have only lost one game the entire season. I'm excited about watching them play over the next two days. Basketball is my first love and I miss coaching it more and more each season. Next year Allie will be playing junior high ball for the school too and I can't wait. GO SENTINELS!

Ashley Kate looks good today. She is recovering nicely from this pneumonia and has completed her IV antibiotics. That makes life a little easier for us. She still has a small cough and a little mucous each morning, but other than that is doing well. Her feeds are still at 65mls an hour and she remains on TPN support. The bowel is slow healing and her stool output remains high. Other than that I'm super pleased with where she is right now. She is up and playing. Signing more and more each day. Getting stronger and looks as though she might become interested in moving again soon. She continues standing in her immobilizers each day and is now putting up quite a protest about the whole thing. Our hope is to have her standing independently by summertime.

Well, thats the scoop. Lots of things happening this week. Its beach week in our office and that puts an even bigger smile on Dave's face as he leaves for the office each morning in his Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. Hope your weeks has started off well and that you are feeling as blessed as I am today. Nothing makes me feel better than looking around and realizing how good God is to us. Have a great day. Trish


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