Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its the little things a tiny hand that pats my arm during bedtime prayers. the requests Blake never fails to make to remember his classmate's mom in our prayers. the giggle that erupts after the silliest of Al's comments. the listening to the "chaos" that comes from ALL THREE children in our backseat. ( I still can't help but smile when I look in the mirror and see them all there). a well shot basket in one of the big games. the heart my husband has for a patient who is struggling. the sight of Ash signing for something to eat. the snuggling arms of a big brother wrapped around a baby pickle. the feel of Allie's arms around my neck as I her kiss her goodnight. the smile that crosses Ash's face when I tuck her in. the joy we all share at the smallest of her accomplishments. the feeling I get each time I remember were home. the assurance I have of knowing how much the Father loves me as I experience each of these things in my life. Its the little things that remind me my life is good. Not perfect, but blessed. Not always easy, but so enjoyable. Not deserved, but appreciated.

A lot of things are heavy on my heart tonight. As I struggle to find the words to ease the burden of my closest friend and wish to take the hurt from her, I need to remind myself that He is near. On the days when it seems as though we are in this on our own, He is near. When it feels as though the distant between the Father and ourselves is just to far to walk, I need to remember the road that was traveled to Calvary. NO matter what our struggles are there is none so large, so ugly, so dark, so painful, so impossible that can keep us from the love of our Father in heaven. Is there anything that can offend Him so deeply that He stop loving us? I think there is not. He is near. In the dark, in the pain, in the impossible, in this world, HE IS NEAR and HE LOVES US.

Its the little things that He surrounds me with each day that don't allow me to forget just how much He must love me. He loves you that much too. He really, really does.

If your reading this then I pray you know how much I love you and how much He loves you. Its His eyes and with His heart that I see you with. Your brokenness and your struggle is so painful to watch. I love you and how I wish I could make you see the beauty that is within you. Hang on. I'm praying for you.


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