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We have just returned from Ash's upper GI and the results were what we had expected after Tuesday's surgery. None of the barium was able to empty out of the stomach. There seemed to be no movement at all, and after a length of time they finally just drew it back out through a syringe. These test results confirm that we must have an additional surgery. There are several options on the table and the team of transplant surgeons will meet tomorrow and try to develop the best plan for Ashley. I have asked them to draw me a detailed picture of what they decide to do. Sometimes everything they say begins to run together in my mind and it is difficult for me to explain. This is when David's education and knowledge help me tremendously. I am afraid that without him here I will not be able to give him a good idea of what they plan to do with Ash. Tomorrow we will no a little more. They are talking about bringing Ashley out of the paralytic state tonight and allowing her to just be sedated.

The stress of today has seemed so thick. I am just so sleepy and tired, but I have been encouraged by several things today. I received a phone call that included a story from the mommy of a child who I love so very much, and it did my heart good to hear how much she cares for my Ashley. Thank you for calling and sharing it with me, and thank you for wearing all those band-aids to help Ash's boo-boos. I needed that today. The stories that are told to us about all of the little ones who love and pray for Ashley touch me deep in my heart. I know God hears their prayers for our Ashley and they are so sincere when they talk to Him. I am so thankful to all of you who have allowed Ashley to become a part of your families, and to become a part of your childrens prayers. I also received a gift in the mail today from a mom who like me has fought for every day of her childs life. I know she understands so much of what we go through with Ashley and I would like to thank her for the neckalace and for all of the thoughts, prayers, and miracles that accompany it. I will wear it everyday until we come home. It is a beautiful reminder that our children are miracles created by the God who can do miracles.

Ash is in there even though I can't see her. I can just imagine all the strength she is gaining while she rests on the ventilator. Strength that she will need to fight her way back from the upcoming surgery. I love that I can report to you that I was just told that once again Ashley's scopes show no sign of abnormal cells and no sign of rejection. She is officially one month out from transplant and one month into living her new life. I know that with His strength and His help she will come back from this and she will be able to one day tell us of all the wonderful things He has done. I love you all for loving my Ashley. I love you all for coming time and time again to her story. I love you all for being willing to open your hearts to a little girl who He gave to not only me but to all of you as well. She is amazing and she is a miracle!


At 7:20 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

She is a miracle & God isn't finished with her Yet!! Praise you Jesus for that ....for all that is to come.....thank you in advance for each blessing on its way in YOUR time Lord. Praying for a bit of rest for you Trish...don't want you to get ill from lack of sleep. Hope you catch a bit of shut eye. You & your family are always on my mind & I am praying without ceasing for sweet Ash. Love in Christ, Suzanne (One of the hairdressers where I get my hair done ...had Ashley's picture at her station...& they along with many in town have agreed to help & put posters up or whatever is needed to help Ash.) (= She is touching the lives of so many....just by being born & all that she is enduring...& your example. What an awesome mom you are & an awesome family.

At 7:42 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

Father, we thank You for another day with Ashley, we pray that You would comfort her little body when the doctors decide to bring her out of the paralytic state she is in right now. I pray that You would help Trish be able to explain to David what they are planning for Ashley. We pray that You continue to pour out Your blessings on this family, and help them to continue leaning on You. You know their fears and worries, we just pray that You would continue helping them with the strength they need to get them through each and every day. We thank You, Father for the valuable lessons we have all learned from this precious family through You. Just be with Trish, David, Blake, and them each step of the way through Ashley's recovery. We love You Father, and pray many blessings for all those touched by Ashley's Story. In Your Precious Name I Pray, Amen

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