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Today's events

Morning rounds are now over and Ashley is scheduled for an upper GI series at 1:00 today. I will be able to go with her and someone will discuss the results and a plan of action with me late this afternoon. They assured me that she would not go to the operating room today. This morning the x-ray revealed that her breathing tube is in to deep and this has been causing a lot of the problems she has been having while on the vent the last couple of days. They re-positioned it once and took another x-ray, but the result showed that it was still in the wrong place. So they are now trying again. If they leave it where it is there is a possibility of long term damage to her lungs so it is necessary to get in the right place. This is very stressful to watch because I have been warned that if this tube is pulled out there is no way to put it back. I have been a wreck this morning. I am praying that she will be o.k. and that they will get it placed correctly this time. Ashley is very swollen in her face this morning and she has developed some sort of rash over her forehead and it is spreading back onto her head. They have not started anything new this morning so we are not sure what is causing the rash. She has no fever and no positive cultures for infection. These are both huge blessings. Her blood gases are good today so they have begun to wean her oxygen back slowly. I will post to let everyone know how she does during the GI series this afternoon. I am praying for a smooth process and no more trauma to Ash. Thank you all for checking on my girl this morning. I appreciate your continued prayers and words of encouragement. Have a blessed day. Trish


At 12:40 PM , Anonymous Amy Borden said...

Trish ~

I just read your last 2 posts and something stood out to me. I believe strongly that although Ashley is sedated heavily she knows you are there. After Morgan's NEC surgery she was also heavily sedated and so swollen that her eyes would not open but i prayed she would feel my comfort and that when i was not there in the room, that she would feel His. I believed firmly that He heard my prayer and i am praying that for you and Ashley also.

At 1:20 PM , Blogger Fennell family said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date. I know it must be a strain on you to have to take time out to post, but we all appreciate it so much. Even though most of us don't know Ashley we have grown to love her and your family through your dedication to posting for us. We all feel a little like we are right there with you. When you are feeling scared or lonely just picture yourself holding hands with Ashley and our Savior, and when you do you will see all of us standing right behind you. I pray that you will be comforted by those thoughts. I pray that Ash's medical team will be able to get her tube placed correctly without any complications. What a blessing that she is not suffering from any type of infection and her gases appear to be normal. Thanks for letting us be there with you.

At 3:24 PM , Anonymous jacobs family said...

We will continue lifting up Ashley today. We are still celebrating the small victories that you are seeing. God will continue to sustain you. As a mom, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel. I will continue to pray for strength that can only come from above. God is able and He will continue holding you ~ even if you don't feel Him, He is very close!


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