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In a Nut Shell

Finally home. 2 out of 3 children fast asleep. 1 sitting up and happily watching Praise Baby while her Daddy sleeps. Fabulous weekend. She is feeling good. Looks great. Calls the shots. When the princess speaks we ALL listen. Enjoyed our friends, our favorite baseball team, and a picnic under the shade of some of the biggest, most beautiful trees. Laughed a lot. Visited a little. Were encouraged by others and hope we encouraged a few. Looking forward to a new day and a new week ahead packed full of opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our children. Feeling blessed. A heart full of gratitude and eyes that will barely stay open. Promise to type more tomorrow( I mean in a few hours when I wake). Thankful for your prayers and His promises. Good night and God Bless. Love, Trish

The Tarheels brought home another championship.


At 6:39 AM , Blogger Fiffer said...

Wow, I recently found your blog. I am amazed, simply amazed, at your incredible words. Truly, the joy of the Lord IS your strength, and it spills out through your words in good and bad times alike. The joy that comes from knowing Jesus, no matter what your circumstances -- trusting in His perfect plan! You & your husband are incredible parents and your words inspire me to go hug my kids a little closer. Many blessings to you, and many prayers for your precious children, especially Ashley. She's beautiful and I think God has BIG plans for her! Have a wonderful God-filled week!

At 1:36 PM , Blogger Amy T said...

Way to go Tarheels! Glad you had a good weekend away together.


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