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All Night Long

She's ready. We're not. All night long are her intentions. We hope to change her mind. Our sweet Ashley Kate is WIRED! She has no signs of being tired or sleepy or worn out from the day of chemo and travel. She has this twinkle in her eyes that made her daddy say, "Miss party all night long is going to have to party all night long by HERSELF!" He is so tired. Ash kept him entertained until 4:30 this morning and then we all had to be ready to go by 7:30. Tag! Guess who is it tonight? It's me.

I think she did wonderful today. Her tremors and shakes began by 9:00, but she looks fabulous. She kept us laughing and smiling all day. This was her best infusion so far. She usually gets fussy and sleeps through the majority, but today she played, played, played and has yet to close her eyes. The high level of prednisone started this morning and we will be pulling all nighters for the next 5 nights. She won't become nauseated until Sunday night or Monday and then her count will drop and we will start the "yuckies" all over. By next weekend she should be bouncing back and then on the up swing until we go back on June 14th for our last cycle. I love those words," Our last cycle of chemotherapy." I can't wait to get her there. At the conclusion of the next 6 weeks we will schedule our visit to Omaha around the first week of July.

Ash wants to talk so badly. I wish I could show you how funny she looks as she tries and tries to get something to come out of those lips. The expressions she makes are beyond funny. You can see her thinking and concentrating as hard as she can. It doesn't matter to me what she says as long as I can hear that sweet voice again.

It has been a blessed day. We have completed our 5th of 6 cycles of chemotherapy and we are so thankful to be this close to the end. God has brought our Ashley Kate through so much and I know that this is another part of His plan for her life. Why did she get cancer? Why did she require this series of chemotherapy? I really have no idea, but I do know that I want to use it to bring glory to Him. If He can use this to bring other to Him then so be it. Thank you for loving our baby today. Thank you for praying for our baby today. Thank you for your time and your presence. Good night and God Bless. Trish


At 11:01 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Glad to hear you made it back safe & sorry that it sounds like an all nighter....whoo....that is tough ...especially on those of us who are grumpy without sleep. (Guilty). (= Praying for your sweet family....& it was good to see Dave at AMBUCS....& to hear him speak of your little princess. Hope to see you again in the future & get to meet Ashley who I love so very much....without even meeting her in person....she is such a little fighter & so full of personality can see it on her face in her pictures...she is a living...breathing....beautiful little doll. God has good things planned for her life...I just believe that to be true. We need to get her & Josh together when she is stronger for a play date. They aren't too far apart in age or weight for that matter.... he is three & is almost to 30 lbs...he will go up & back down... (= Praying.....

At 10:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Wonder why no comments anymore Trish?

At 7:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish KNOWS that eventhough people do not comment as much, we are still there to support her and prayer for Ashley and the family.

At 10:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you film her trying to talk so we can see and hear?


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