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Tag...Your it!

This is our code. Dave and I use it almost everyweekend. All we have to say is, "Tag", and we know it is time for the other to step in and take over. I love our relationship and how well we parent together. He is the most wonderful father. Most weekends we spend at the ballpark watching our Blake and our beloved Tarheels slug it out at the plate with their opponents. Ashley loves to be outside. She loves the sights, the sounds, the activity, and the excitement of figuring out all that is going on around her. Our friends all know what she has been through and they are such an encouragement to us. Everyone is so careful and respectful of Ash's immunity issues and they visit with us and with her at a safe distance. Princess Ashley has a carraige that she rides around the park in and according to her it must be moving at ALL times. If the carraige stops she starts letting us know that she would like it to be moving in some direction. This is when Dave and I begin to play "Tag... your it". Its just beautiful the way the game works. We play the game at the house too. For example, last night Ash wanted to play all night instead of sleep. I took the first round and then woke Dave and said,"Tag". He took round 2 and then at 4:00a.m. it was my turn for round 3 which happened to include an ostomy change(lucky me!). I know I am blessed to be married to a man who is so willing to help with the kids. I love that we are not only friends but that we are partners. We are involed together and I think that makes us better parents to our Blake, our Allie, and our Ashley.

We got in tonight about 10:30 and the kids went straight to bed, but Dave stood in the living room floor(with his eyes already closed) and allowed me to work on Blake's Julius Ceasar costume. He stood there sleeping while I wrapped him in fabric to make sure I had everything ready for Blake tomorrow. I really love this guy. When I was finished he grabbed me and hugged me, whispered good night, and secretly hoped not to be tagged again until time to wake in the morning. I don't plan on making him play tonight. He is really tired and has to be at the office early in the morning, but I know that if I needed him he would rise to the occasion and lend me a hand.

Today was very exciting for us. Ash actually staightened her legs and stood on them while Dave was holding her on his lap for the first time since her transplant. We were so proud. She did it 3 times in a row before deciding it was hard work. We were SO encouraged and I can't wait to tell her therapist tomorow. Not only did our Ashley bring us some excitement, but during the championship game tonight our Tarheels were down 2 to 1 in the 4th when Blake took the plate and sailed one over the fence. How exciting! I got to run behind the field and search in the woods for the baseball. We were so happy for him! I am so glad I baked those cookies last night. It always works! We won the game and the tournament 10-2 in the 4th. I was so proud of those guys.

Ash is fussing in the other room and I need to go finish that costume so I suppose I will say goodnight. I just wanted to let you all know that Ash had another really good day and we were so very thankful. We head to Dallas on Thursday for our 5th of 6 cycles. Only 6 more weeks of chemo to go. Yeah, Ash! I am praying to hear the word "REMISSION" very soon. Thanks so much for praying for her today. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Good night and God Bless. Trish


At 10:52 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

Great post! So glad you had a great weekend. Love those ball games. My son broke his arm and missed the first few weeks of LBBA, but he had his first two games Friday and Saturday (nothing like jumping back into it) and got two hits both games. Not a strikeout yet. It's machine pitch and I'm pretty proud of how he did. Ok, now I'm through with my bragging, way to go Blake!!! So glad Ashley stood on her legs! Way to go Ashley!!! (And way to go Allie for being a great big sis and Dave for being a good model and tag partner, and Trish for being a great mom and keeping us updated) Way to go! God bless you!


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