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Quality Time and Clarification

First I want to clarify from my last post that our contractors were not hired to put in our floors, run the electricity, or set our toilets and sinks. After reading it tonight I was afraid that it sounded as if they did not finish the job and that is not true. They did finish what they were hired to do and we are so appreciative of that. They did not finish on time and a few of the things were rushed and not done correctly because of wanting to meet the deadlines they placed on themselves. All in all, minus this evenings nasty phone call, we are happy. I just don't want it to appear as though I am accusing them of not finishing what they were hired to do. Enough said and now I will move on.

Tonight I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my son. It was not planned and came as a very pleasant surprise. Somehow we found ourselves(along with our sleeping Ashley Kate) in the car together just hanging out as we waited for batting practice to begin. The conversations we had ranged from listening to him recite the 53 chapter of Isaiah (which was so beautiful!) to honesty to baseball to the last day of school(only 8 more periods to go!) to friends to sisters to home to baseball again and so much more in between that I couldn't possibly list them all. It was a priceless conversation with my very favorite 11 year old in the whole world. As I listened to him talk to me as if I was one of his baseball buddies I found myself being thankful for this child and for those very moments I was spending with him. While he talked I pictured him the day he was born. I saw him as a baby sleeping in my arms, then as a toddler holding his daddy's hand. Next I could see him the day he became a big brother and the look of pride on that tiny face. I remembered how he looked the day he played in his very first T-ball game and I could still see the stain on his mouth from the sno cone he enjoyed after the game. Blake continued to share with me many, many things that were on his heart and as I continued to listen I couldn't help but try to picture who he would be when the time comes for him to be a man. I pray he becomes a man like his father. When it came time for practice I stayed in the car while I waited and tears filled the brim of my eyes as I thought of how much I love this child. I could hear the crack of the ball on the bat each time he swung and I sat and I tried to engrave the sound into my memory. The day will be here all too soon when he is in college and I will not be there to sit and wait for him. It is because of this knowledge that I gladly sit and wait while he practices for hours on end. It doesn't bother me because I am his mom and I am the one that gets to listen to his chatter about pitch selection and toe lines on the drive home. The time we have together is oh so precious.

By the time we got home my Allison was already in bed so I snuck in and kissed the fore head of the most beautiful girl in the world. I smiled as I smelled the sweet scent of her freshly shampooed hair, and then I went to scoop up my tiniest princess. I placed my Ashley Kate in her jammies and readied her for bed. She is snuggled in next to her daddy and they are giggling about bushes instead of sleeping while I sit here and type. I love the sound of their silliness. To hear Dave playing and loving on that baby is the most beautiful sound in the world. I could sit here and listen to that forever.

Life is good and sweet and beautiful in our family tonight. As I prepare to lay my head down on the pillow there is a smile on my face and on my heart. How I love these people who I get to call mine. My husband, my son, my girls. I am so very blessed. Good night my friends. I will be leaving early in the morning with our Ashley to run over to Dallas for chemotherapy and we pray we will be returning in the evening. I will share with you how her day goes once I arrive home. Your prayers are appreciated and they are so valued. Thank you. God Bless. Trish


At 7:39 AM , Blogger Tara said...

Praying for Ashley today, praying for your family, praying for the doctors and nurses.
Thanks again for sharing your story, you have blessed those who read it.


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