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Caught off Guard

As funny as it may sound I sometimes "forget" that our Ashley was adopted. Yesterday morning we shared the pre-op waiting room with two other families. As we all waited our "turns" we enjoyed watching each other's children. At one point during our wait I was standing up and walking Ashley around the room to try and keep her mind off of her hungry tummy when one of the mom's asked me a question.

"Is she half Hispanic?"

Although the question itself was a fair one to ask, it completely caught me off guard and I am afraid my immediate answer only caused her more confusion.

"I don't really know."

By the look on her face I could tell her opinion of me was changing and I quickly tried to explain myself.

"Ashley was adopted and we aren't really sure."

"Oh", she replied and then finished by saying, " I was just wondering because her skin looks a lot like my children and they are.

I don't really mind the questions people ask. It gives me an opportunity to share a little of Ashley's story with them and when I share her story it allows me to share His story too. The beautiful thing about this conversation was it caused me to stop and think about how deep my love for my daughter is. It is so deep and so strong that she has never been anything but my daughter. A love so deep that it has allowed me to "forget" that she came to be ours differently than our Blake and our Allie.

Ashley's story has a beginning. A very private beginning that will be shared with her one day, but the every day story of her life is beautiful. The details of her beginning have never mattered to us. Her race, her history, her challenges could never change how very much she is loved. The every day story of raising our little gherkin has become who she is.

Ash looks and feels great. Her eye is adjusting to its new position. I can't wait for the swelling and the redness to go away so I can show you all how good it looks. As I type she sits next to me playing peek a boo with a blanket and causing herself to giggle. She is so funny. She pops her little head out from under the blanket and then claps for herself. She is doing better and better each and every day. I am so grateful for her life and for each day the Father has given her. She brings such a joy to our lives. Thanks so much for being here today. Thanks so much for praying for her today. Thanks so much for loving her today. You are appreciated. Good night. Trish


At 10:27 PM , Anonymous Dee Dee in NC said...

Well, let's see, what's my beginning? Try born into sin. Anybody got a better one? We are blessed to be here, blessed to be loved by the One who died for us. Richly blessed, all who through trusting Him have been adopted into His family.

She is beautiful, and her steps are so planned. You are very blessed. I'm glad you can see that, in spite of feeding tubes, colostomies and cancer treatments.
Praying for Ashley.

At 11:08 PM , Blogger Sun said...

I was adopted. I think that women and men who adopt children have a God given capacity to love those children with a fierce, strong love. You and your husband have made the bond of Ecclesiastes 4:12 with each of your children - firmly knit together in the love of Christ. It is so cool to be able to read your all's story here - it really inspires me to be a better momma. I cannot even imagine what this journal will do to encourage and ground Ashley as she grows up and is able to look back at the stories, words, tears, and prayers that have been uttered from you and your husband and her brother and sister. What an amazing legacy to give to her to pass on...and an amazing example to set for Allison and Blake when they become parents. God bless you all and praise Him for what He had done with this little girl! Sunshine

At 12:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have reflected several times the last couple of weeks how far Ashley has come in the time that I have come to know your family thru this blog. When I first started reading, it was post-transplant...but there were 3-4 posts a day...and in just a few hours or mere minutes sometimes, her situation changed.

How I sit in awe at the mighty work He has done in her life. He has done work in my life thru your family's story.

And HIs work thru nothing short of miraculous. countless stories in my well as my daughter's...on the blessing of adoption.

Thanks for sharing your story. You bless me daily by sharing this walk.

Kristi in Texas

At 5:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh--how wonderful it is to come on here every day and see yet another gorgeous photo of your darling little girl! Thank you so much :)
With prayers and love in Christ, Erica

At 2:12 PM , Blogger Amy T said...

Beautiful post. The love you have for Ashley is evident in every post. She is blessed to y'all as parents, and you are blessed to have such a little princess. Only God can make such amazing matches.

At 7:22 AM , Blogger KimberlyDi said...

My brother and his wife have two biological daughters. Wife was unable to have another so they adopted and were lucky enough to be picked by a pregnant lady to be the parents. The last time I saw him, all I could think of was how he hit the jackpot. He was adopted into a family overflowing with love.

Just like your Ashley.

At 10:57 AM , Anonymous Courtney said...

Wow, Trish, I had no idea. I have been reading your blog for several months but never really picke dup on it! The love that you all have Ashley is so deep and wonderful. It is obvious that she is 100% yours. I only pray that other children are loved so deeply.
With Love and Prayers,


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