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Just a litte Clip

Its not the best quality and she's not totally cooperating, but I was so pleased to finally get her to sign for you guys at least a little bit today. She really does know every sign I asked her to share, but she's 3(and officially 1/2 as of yesterday) and on top of that she's stubborn. She blew me away with her new sign. Caterpillar. We actually call it a "callipiller" because Allie coined that new word when she was only 2, but anyway I didn't know until today that she Ash new the sign. I knew she could recognize a caterpillar in a book, but had no idea she could sign it too. Every single day she learns new things. Her mind is so sharp. She is so very smart. She just can't convince the docs who only see her for a few minutes at a time of it. I don't need them to know it because we know it.

The list of words that she can sign is growing and growing. In addition to the words she actually signs there is also a very long list of words that she can recognize and knows there is a sign for even if she hasn't mastered it yet. She loves to point to those words and have me sign them for her. Then there are things she wants to know a sign for that we don't yet know. Each day is new. All day she learns. Thank you to those of you who turned us on to the Signing Time series. Through the years(since she lost the ability to speak. So hard to beleive its been 2 years since I heard her voice) you have sent pieces of it to her and given us advice on how to teach it to her. I truly am thankful for your help. Without it her world would be silent and we would be lost. She loves the DVD's, the books, the CD's, and the flash cards. Its totally amazing to watch her. Our hope is that when she finally does begin to speak that all of this knowledge will give her an edge on developing her vocabulary.

Anyway, enjoy the clip. It sure makes me smile. (Try to ignore all the shaking she does. This is just one of the side effects she experiences while taking Prednisone.)


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