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Night and Day

Our older children are as different as night and day.

Allison was home bound for days and days. Homework? The farthest thing from her mind. I guess in her defense she didn't have the ability to see for several of those days, but still she wasn't the least bit interested in keeping up. Now she is paying the price each afternoon with several hours of work, many tears, and a few meltdowns. I think we are finally getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel, but its been an awfully long tunnel.

Blake has been home since 9:30 this morning. Before leaving school he went to each of his teachers to get assignments so that he wouldn't get behind. By 10:30 he was expressing to me that he wished his head would stop hurting so he could get some of the work started. Instead he fell asleep. He has been resting all day and just woke up, came out of my room and asked Allie if he could borrow some paper. I asked him if he felt good enough to do homework yet and he said, "I figured since my head isn't hurting quite as bad right now that I should get started. That way if it comes back I won't have to worry about my homework."

I just laughed. Laying around all day is getting to him. He wants to hit baseballs, attend youth group and be back in school by tomorrow. All of these things are really important to him. I'm afraid its not going to happen. I knew this would be hard on him. I'm not sure how long this stuff is lasting. All I do know is that there are several families in our school with kiddos feeling the same way. Hopefully it won't last too long for Blake.


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